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Primordial Glare from the Void

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Primordial Glare from the Void is an Emergency Quest.


Quest Type Emergency Quest
Quest Goal Defeat the Primoridal Darkness!
Single/Multi Party Multi
Clearing Conditions Defeat Primoridal Darkness Sodam
Failing Conditions Returning to Campship after Incapacitation
All Quest Participants are Incapacitated
Time Limit Expires
Quest Time Limit 60:00


  • This Quest has special ranking requirements. The ranking requirements are on a per-player basis. Ranking affects drops.
Defeat Enemies 600 pts (50% for Gommoroth, 50% for Sodam)
Incapacitations 300 pts (-50 pts for each incapacitation beyond the 5)
Clear Time 100 pts (-1 pt for each second past 35 minutes)
Max Score 1000 pts

Special Incapacitation Rules

  • If your HP is reduced to 0 in this quest, you are in a special incapacitation state. You appear as a petrified shadow. If you return to the campship after being incapacitated, the quest will immediately fail for you. Other players can revive you using a Moon Atomizer, or you can use a Half Doll or Scape Doll to revive yourself. If all participants of the quest are incapacitated, the quest will immediately fail for all players, regardless of if anyone has Half Dolls or Scape Dolls available.


Notes & Strategy

  • This quest is not available in the Normal and Very Hard difficulties.
  • The quest can roughly be divided up into 3 main phases in terms of mechanics: the initial battle against Primordial Darkness Gomorroth, the battle against the first and second forms of Primordial Darkness Sodam, and the battle against the final form of Primordial Darkness Sodam. The first two phases are identical to the final Episode 6 Story Quest, except allowing 12 players instead of being a solo quest.
  • You can talk to the NPCs present in the waiting areas and the final loot area for additional story tidbits.
  • After the emergency quest period ends, characters that participated in the quest will additionally receive a 150% Rare Drop Rate boost for 30 minutes.

Primordial Darkness: Gomorroth

  • Face the titanic manifestation of the ultimate darkness in a swirling vortex of the space-time ravine. A small number of platforms provide secure footing in the vortex, connected by jump pads at either end.
    • You are invulnerable during the flying portion of taking a jump pad.
    • Taking a jump pad puts you in a dashing state like after taking a Dash Panel, including the ability to boost kick.
  • Gomorroth can break the platforms on which you are standing. If you are on the platform when it is broken, it will instantly incapacitate you. Invulnerability frames are ignored.
    • A platform that is targeted will be marked by red circles both on the platform itself and on the minimap. While you are on a targeted platform, a warning will also be displayed on-screen.
    • Taking a jump pad to a broken platform will instantly incapacitate you.
  • See Primordial Darkness Gomorroth for more information.
  • It is possible for Gomorroth to break one of the middle platforms before doing its sweeping breath attack, giving you no place to run. In such a case, you must rely on invulnerability frames such as taking a jump pad to avoid the breath attack (but be careful not to jump to a broken platform).
  • On the final third phase of this stage and when low on HP, Gomorroth will begin a DPS check mode and charge up an attack from its large eye, which can be repeatedly interrupted by dealing enough damage.

Primordial Darkness: Sodam

  • The true form of the ultimate darkness emerges from the fallen hulk of Gomorroth.

First Form

  • Sodam will assume one of four styles based on one of four elements: Fire Fire, Ice Ice, Lightning Lightning, and Wind Wind, with its wings also denoting it.
  • Sodam will change its element style after some time.
  • Sodam has no element weakness, but has weakness to a selection of weapon types that are randomly chosen and assigned to each element style, which are maintained for the duration of the eq. The selection of weapon weaknesses will generally follow this template: S-ATKS-ATKR-ATKT-ATK
  • Sodam can be downed briefly by doing a sufficient amount of damage to it using a weapon that it is weak to. Doing so will cause Sodam to lose its element style and associated weapon weaknesses while it is downed. After recovering from the down, Sodam will use a different element style.
  • The field will change to match the element that Sodam is using:
    • Fire Fire field (Red) - Fire Wall: The outer edge of the arena will be a damaging fire wall. Coming into contact with it will deal heavy damage.
    • Ice Ice field (Blue) - Ice Pillars: A number of large pillars of ice will be present in the arena. They can be used for cover from some of Sodam's powerful Blizzard attack.
    • Lightning Lightning field (Purple) - Water Spheres: Two destructible water spheres will appear above puddles of water. If hit by one of Sodam's lightning attacks, the puddle will turn into a damage-over-time area. Destroying the sphere will dissipate the puddle and end the damage-over-time area.
    • Wind Wind field (Yellow) - Tornado: A large tornado will appear in the center of the stage. Entering the tornado will (harmlessly) launch you up into the air. Use the tornado to avoid Sodam's Earth Shattering attack.

Second Form

  • After a brief transition cutscene, Sodam will begin to use one of two pairs of elements : FireIce or LightningWind, being capable of using the attacks of both elements as well as a unique compound attack, with its wings also denoting it.
  • The stage will also have both of the combined element style's features.
  • Sodam will have a combination of the weapon weaknesses associated with both element styles, generally following this template: S-ATKS-ATKS-ATKS-ATKR-ATKR-ATKT-ATKT-ATK

Primordial Darkness: Sodam - Final Form

  • When Sodam is low on HP, it will transition to its final form, merging with the husk of Gomorroth and being embedded in the large eye for the final stretch. This phase is not featured in the story quest.
  • Sodam in this form is weak to Light, like Gomorroth, and no longer has weapon weaknesses.

Damage Field

  • During the transition cutscene, Sodam (Gomorroth) will use its fluid breath to create a flooded damage pool in front of it.
  • All players will be teleported to the back of the arena at the start of the cutscene, but it is possible to move during the cutscene and wander too far forward into the damage pool.
  • Standing in the pool results in taking a large amount of damage over time as well as being staggered. While it is possible to use invulnerability frames and counter to stay in the pool, the pool's damage tick rate is much more rapid compared to other damage fields such as lava.
  • Sodam (Gomorroth) will always end this cutscene by starting with the left side arm first.
  • Occasionally, such as after being staggered successfully, Sodam (Gomorroth) will unleash a highly damaging laser attack that covers the middle of the field, which is best avoided by staying at the sides.
  • This is a DPS check!
    • The pool initially covers 50% of the arena.
    • The pool advances by 25% every time Sodam (Gomorroth) repeats its fluid breath attack.
    • The pool recedes by 25% if sufficient damage is done to Sodam (Gomorroth)'s hands.
    • If DPS is insufficient, the entire arena can eventually be covered causing all players to rapidly take damage over time.
    • If the pool is fully eradicated, the Gomorroth portion will be downed regardless of remaining HP, allowing players to hit the embedded Sodam.

Breakable Parts

  • On each of Sodam (Gomorroth)'s hands, there are 10 golden armor pieces (two per finger).
  • The armor pieces are considered separate entities from Sodam - any attack that has an area of effect can hit multiple of them at once in addition to Sodam's main hand.
  • The armor pieces are vulnerable to Burn Burn and Poison Poison, applying a damage over time to it that ticks for 9,999,999 damage on Ultra Hard.
    • However, since the armor pieces themselves have rather low HP, they will break rather quickly before this damage can rack up.
  • Breaking all 20 parts will unlock a random support effect from one of the three Heroines, based on how much of the MPA voted on it by talking to them during the waiting area:
    • Matoi's Prayer: +200% Max HP (Triple), +200 PP, +30% Attack, revives all incapacitated ARKS at the time of effect
    • Hitsugi's Ambition: A number of red spears will pin down Sodam's hands, dealing minor damage and stunning Sodam for several seconds.
    • Harriet's Order: A massive attack is launched at Sodam, dealing heavy damage (~1.5 million damage on Hard, over 8 million on Ultra Hard)
  • After receiving a support effect, the 20 parts will be restored. They can be broken again to receive another support effect until all 3 have been unlocked.

Final Down

  • Sodam's - now embedded in Gomorroth's large eye - is exposed and vulnerable to be finished off.
  • Sodam has one final trick up its sleeve - once every few seconds, it will unleash a powerful shockwave triggered by closing its wings that can do upwards of ~6000 damage on Ultra Hard.
    • This is soft DPS check: Sodam can be staggered out of the attack by dealing enough damage. If the party's DPS is sufficient, it is possible to prevent any shockwaves from successfully going off.
    • It is possible to use invulnerability frames or guarding to avoid the shockwave. The shockwave is emitted when Sodam spreads its wings - watch for the cue.
  • If a player is still dead on Mission Clear they will not receive the quest's kill points and will be netted with a C rank instead. Therefore, it is important that everyone stays alive as well as outputs as much damage as possible and/or bring Half Dolls if direly necessarily.

Drop Table

  • 12 Nox Series
  • 13 Ray Series
  • 13 Gix Series
  • 7Order Primordial Darkstone Deimos (0-2 based on Clear Rank)
  • 14 Zara Series
  • 14 Nike Series
  • 15 Ayer Series
  • 13 Rear Unit Rear/Cras Dyne
  • 13 Arm Unit Arm/Cras Noom
  • 13 Leg Unit Leg/Cras Ment
  • 14 Egg All Eggs
  • 7Order Primordial Darkstone Deimos (0-2 based on Clear Rank)
  • 15 Puras Series
  • 8 Order} Ultimate Booster (2)
  • 10 Order Sage's Crest
  • 10 Tool Excubes
  • 10 Tool Class Excube (3)
  • 13 Weapon Camo Coat Edge
  • 13 Weapon Camo Coat Barrel
  • 13 Weapon Camo Coat Talis
  • 13 Weapon Camo Coat Sabre
  • 13 Weapon Camo Coat Assault
  • 13 Weapon Camo Coat Stick
  • 13 Weapon Camo Coat Doublis
  • 13 Weapon Camo Coat Glide
  • 13 Weapon Camo Coat Verge
  • 13 Candy Super Deadly Parfait
  • 13 Candy Super Ultimate Parfait
  • 13 Candy Super Spirited Parfait
  • 13 Candy Super Stuffed Parfait
  • 14 Candy Exquisite Bullseye Parfait
  • 14 Candy Exquisite Doki Doki Parfait
  • 7Order Primordial Darkstone Deimos (2-9 based on Clear Rank)
  • Ability.png Origin Glare
  • Ability.png Shiva Glare
S-Class S-Class Special Abilities (Units)
  • Pass S7 Add:Descried Warrior
  • S Class Ability 6 S6:Ironclad Illness
  • S Class Ability 6 S6:Heroic Howl
  • S Class Ability 6 S6:Soaring Ballet
  • S Class Ability 7 S7:Attack Up 2
  • S Class Ability 7 S7:Descried Warrior
  • S Class Ability 7 S7:Glowing Grace
  • S Class Ability 8 S8:HP Up 2
  • S Class Ability 8 S8:PP Up 2
  • S Class Ability 8 S8:Sky Dance's Boon