MISSION: Decision consists of 5 Missions and is a part of the Challenge Quest trio of MISSION: Cataclysm, MISSION: Decision and MISSION: Start.

MISSION 1: Tundra

Inside the weapon box can contain:

  • Katana - Melee weapon that has a guard and parry action. Parrying with sufficient gear will activate Katana Gear which is a purple aura that grants more damage.
  • Knuckles - Melee weapon that is close range and has a brief sway dodge action. Continuously attacking, even without hitting an enemy, such as step attacking, raises Gear gauge which raises damage.
  • Rifle - Ranged weapon that does more damage if headshots are done with Z-aim.
  • Jet Boots - Melee/Technique hybrid weapon that has access to double jump, deals fast strikes, has a shift action after normal attacks and Jet Boot Photon Arts, and can cancel out of any move at any time with an evasive step.

Inside the disc box can contain:

  • Gurren Tessen - Movement skill that does a slash at the direction inputted.
  • Quake Howling - Deals damage in a wide area and stuns enemies at the same time
  • Piercing Shell - Shot that pierces through enemies best done in Z-aim mode to pierce through as many parts and mobs as possible
  • Gran Wave -
  • Zonde - Lightning tech that does more damage the higher you are compared to the target, can damage enemies close to the target

Unwanted items should be dropped on the ground for others to pick up and use.

Attack Advance Lv.5 can drop here.

MISSION 2: Tunnels

Selecting the reward box will grant 1 weapon and 1 photon art or technique disk.

Clearing the Lillipan Defense etrial will reward a Challenge Doll.

At the Tranmizer section, there are 2 Hit Switches on the platform walls and 1 Step Switch on top. Activating all 3 switches will place a Photon Cannon on the far left side. Going near the Photon Cannon will spawn 2 Gawondas which should be taken care of first as they will destroy the cannon with their attacks.

At the next section, while the mobs are optional, defeating the Barbalillipans have a chance of dropping Photon Art discs.

Interval Area 1


  • Equipment
    • Recycle for 5 grinders (1 Weapon)
    • Alva Weapons (1 Weapon + 1 Grinder each, used for Interval 2 exchange)
  • Photon Art/Technique Disks (1 Disks each)
    • Zandion (requires Razonde + 1 Disk)
    • Fomelgion (requires Rafoie + 1 Disk)
    • Barantsion (requires Rabarta + 1 Disk)
    • Ignite Parrying
    • Heavenly Fall
    • Tear Grid
    • Symphonic Drive
    • Deadly Archer
    • Heartless Impact
    • Kreisenschlag
    • Sakura Endo
    • Dispersion Strike
    • Impact Slider
    • Rodeo Drive
    • Dead Approach
    • Torrential Arrow
    • Strike Gust
    • Zan
    • Gi Megid
  • Skill Disks (1-3 Disks each)
    • Photon Blade Fever
    • Guard Stance - 0.80x Taken Damage, 0.90x output damage
    • Weak Stance - 1.35x damage to weak points, 1.00x damage to non-weak points
    • Chase Advance Plus - 1.15x damage to afflicted enemies
    • Show Time
    • Tech Arts JA Bonus - 1.15x damage with successive different PAs
    • Step JA combo - Grants a JA circle after a step
    • Charge PP Revival
    • Katana Combat - For 20s, Katana Normal Attacks become homing and a Katana Combat Finish move is performed when reactivated. 150s cooldown. No invincibility frames without Combat Escape learnt. Up to 50 hits can be performed during its duration to increase the power of the finisher.
    • Rapid shoot
    • Talis Fast Throw
    • Rapid Boost
    • Elemental Burst
  • Consumables
    • Challenge Doll - 7 grinders (The cost of this increases tremendously at the next Interval Area)

MISSION 3: Skyscape

There are 4 hidden 5% VR energy in 4 locations in a cross formation. Hidden VR energy is not highlighted on the map and does not glow making them look like empty capsules.

Selecting the reward box will grant 2 random skill disks.

In this area Zonde is somewhat effective as it is able to amplify on the magnetic structures in the area.

You can defuse the bombs by following the path from the lit section and moving across every alternate path it comes across (known as Ghost Leg), which is best left to a dedicated role.

In the last area, defeat the Quartz Dragon by focusing on its head and tail.

MISSION 4: Tundra

Selecting the reward box will reward 3 stones of any color.

Caution and avoidance should be applied against Falz Hunar when he does his ultimate move when low on health and creates a lethal shockwave in his vicinity.

Falz Hunar has a chance of dropping Queen Viera which has Ilgrants built in which is fairly powerful, especially against Anga.

Interval Area 2


  • Equipment
    • Weapon
    • Unit
  • Skill Disk
  • Red Stone Exchange
  • Blue Stone Exchange
  • Yellow Stone Exchange
  • Consumables

MISSION 5: Corrupted Tunnels

There are two hidden 5% VR energy.

In this Mission, no items will drop from mobs and bosses, so attack straight through.

Anga serves as the final boss.