Challenge Quest is a category of Quests playable from the Shared Ship. Challenge Quests revolve around a group of players attempting to complete as many Missions as possible before running out of time.


Challenge Quest is a game mode similar to Time Attack in which players attempt to clear a series of preset maps under a time limit. Unique to Challenge Quest is the concept of "scavenging"; all players start from Level 1 with no equipment and Photon Arts, and must collect equipment from defeated enemies to progress. Challenge Quest places heavy emphasis on strategy and cooperation for maximized efficiency.


  • To participate in a Challenge Quest, the player must move to the Shared Ship. While in the Shared Ship, your Class is changed to "Challenger" and is set to Level 1. All on-hand gear is removed except for your aesthetic items. Aesthetic items cannot be removed or changed, and do not count as inventory items. All Photon Arts and Techniques are unlearned. Lobby Actions and Shortcut Words may still be accessed. When playing in Shared Ship, you will also encounter players from other Ships.
  • Your inventory size is automatically set to 100, regardless of what your actual inventory capacity is.

VR Energy

Your time is kept track of by a mechanic called "VR Energy". When playing Challenge Quest, a gauge appears at the right side of the screen below the map, signifying the VR Energy Gauge. As you spend time in Challenge Quest, the gauge depletes slowly. The gauge will gradually deplete until it becomes empty, at which point the Quest is considered completed.

Actions Affecting VR Energy

  • VR Energy depletes naturally over time. Playing with any player who is using a PlayStation Vita will cause the gauge to deplete slightly slower, based on the number of Vita players in the multi-party.
  • Collecting VR Energy Capsules restores VR Energy to the Gauge. Capsules come in three sizes: Small, Medium, and Large Capsules, which each restore varying portions of the VR Energy Gauge. Collecting more VR Energy while the Gauge is at maximum will cause all players to earn a small amount of Challenge Miles.
  • A player who becomes incapacitated will cause the VR Energy Gauge to instantly deplete by a large amount. Reviving via a Challenge Doll or Moon Atomizer will automatically replenish the lost VR Energy.

Challenge Miles

By playing Challenge Quest, you can earn Challenge Miles, a currency that can be used a the CM Exchange Shop for valuable prizes, such as the Ideal weapons and Units. Challenge Miles can be earned in the following ways:

  • Completing a Challenge Quest awards Challenge Miles. CM earned is based on the final Mission reached, completion rate, and time remaining. In the case of a 100% completed Challenge Quest, all excess VR Energy will be converted into Challenge Miles.
  • Collecting a VR Energy Capsule while the VR Energy Gauge is full will award Challenge Miles.
  • Collecting CM Crystals will award all players Challenge Miles.


Area Name Requirement Objective
Challengequest.PNG MISSION: Start
N/A Clear 5 Missions!
Challengequest.PNG MISSION: Interval
N/A Clear 5 Missions!