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This page catalogues versions and their subsequent subupdates that are applied to Phantasy Star Online 2 that introduce content.


  • Released on 2021/5/12

Version 6.1302.1

  • Released on 2021/4/28

Known List of Bugs

  • The position and size cannot be changed with the accessories "Photon Crown" and "Photon Crown /2". This will be fixed in a later patch.


  • Released on 2021/04/21

General List of Bugs

Texture Bugs

  • The graphics of the Exchange Shop Counters on the 2nd floor of the Shop Area are flipped horizontally and read "Mission Ctr" when they are not mission counters. The same graphic appears in the internal wall of the 1st floor shops.
  • The graphics of the rotating graphic above the Block Move teleporter in the Battle Lobby and Challenge Lobby are flipped horizontally.
  • The keyboards of the Partner Terminal and the Gathering Terminal in the Campship have the arrow keys on the left for a left handed person while the majority of other terminals have it on the right.