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This is a special quest for a limited time from the 1st floor to the top floor. OP (Operation Point) is required to play Tower Quest. One OP is consumed per block (3 floors). Defeating the enemies on each floor will allow you to take the path to the next floor.

Reward There are 3 levels of rewards, "Clear", "Silver", and "Gold", depending on the clear time for each block, and "Silver clear reward" depending on the specific level achievement reward and the total time after reaching the top floor. , There is a "Gold Clear Reward". In addition to floor rewards, you can also get "Eternal Jewels", weaponoid chips, and "PSO2es" limited weapons as battle rewards. "Eternal Jewel" can be exchanged for various items at "Eternal Jewel Exchange" in the exchange shop.

  • The acquired "Eternal Jewel" will be carried over to the next Tower Quest and can be accumulated continuously.