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A "Link Slot" is a system that allows you to equip character chips and weaponoid chips with specific chips. The chip that can be installed in this link slot is called a "link chip". By equipping the link slot with a link chip, the "link bonus" that raises the parameters and the "link skill" that activates when the conditions are met will be applied.

  • To equip the link slot with a chip, a special cost for the link chip is required. The link cost is set for each rarity of the chip, and you cannot equip the link chip beyond the "total link cost".

Link Bonus

"Link bonus" is a bonus that some of the HP, CP, and attributes of the link chip are added to the parameters.

Link Skills

"Link skill" is a skill dedicated to link chips, such as increasing the parameters of the equipped chip and increasing the activation rate of support chips. Activated when the attributes of the link chip and the equipped chip match.