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Up to 50 friends can be registered with "PSO2es".

You can find your friends in the "Other" community of the quick menu.

If you register as a friend, you can accompany the quest and exchange emails in "PSO2es".

Registered friends are displayed in the friend list, touching the list will display the ARCS card registered by that friend, and long-pressing the chip will display the details screen of that chip.

In "Friend Costume DL", you can download to display the costumes used by your friends during the battle. If you have not downloaded it, the initial costume will be displayed.

You can apply for and register as a friend by the following methods.

How to apply / register

Send a friend request to the guest character who accompanied you in the quest

Send a friend request to the guest character you met in the quest

Search by character name and player ID name and send a friend request

Receive the friend request sent

  • If the guest character's friends are full, you cannot send a friend request.
  • Friend information cannot be shared with "PSO2".