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Daily Missions

The contents of the mission are updated every morning at 5am JST.

Contents Reward
Clear any 4 daily missions Rappy Medal x1
Clear any Quest Meseta x10,000
Clear a quest using a Friend Partner FUN x200
Perform Chip Enhancement Singing Rappy Chip x1
Perform Item Enhancement Grinder x1
Play Leisure one time Singing Rappy chip x1
Perform FUN scratch FUN x200
Use the Exchange Shops Meseta x10,000
Perform a Quick Search Excube x1
Perform a Collect Search Photon Sphere x1
Perform a Pet Training EXP Egg ★ 06 x1

Weekly Missions

The mission content will be updated on Wednesday morning at 5am JST.

The attributes of the Large Plug Recording Drive change with each reset.

Contents Reward
Clear any 5 weekly missions Rappy Medal x4
Get a Login Bonus for 5 days Meseta x100,000
Perform Chip Enhancement 5 times King Rappy Chip x1
Perform Item Enhancement 5 times Grinder x5
Play Leisure 5 times King Rappy Chip x1
Perform Pet Training 5 times EXP Egg ★ 13 x1
Scratch an es Scratch using a Rappy Medal Concentrated Plug Memory Rack Chip x1
Complete any quest 60 times Large Plug Recording Drive Chip x1