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Emergency Quests are a feature of Phantasy Star Online 2es that allow players to team up to challenge powerful bosses for a limited time. By participating in Emergency Quests and defeating bosses, players can potentially earn valuable rewards.


Emergency Quests are only available during certain weeks chosen by SEGA, and are only active at specific time frames each day. Depending on whether or not the Emergency Quest is Ranked, time frames may be scheduled in advance or left unannounced prior to the start of the week's Emergency Quest. Refer to official announcements for Emergency Quest week announcements and schedules.

Challenging an Emergency Quest takes up a unique resource called Operation Points. Unlike Drive, Operation Points are permanently capped at 6, and one point is recovered every 20 minutes. For difficulties on Super Hard and lower, starting a Quest yourself and taking a Support Request only consumes 1 OP, while repeat attempts on a previously-attempted Quest costs 2 OP. For Extra Hard Emergency Quests, the amount of OP consumed is based on how many XH Triggers are consumed to start the Quest, and the cost is fixed regardless of how many times the active session is reattempted.

During an Emergency Quest, players will have one minute to deal as much damage to the boss as possible. Boss weaknesses will vary based on the specific boss, but Extra Hard bosses have unique weakness spreads that can be seen prior to starting the Quest. Altering your Deck to match the enemy's elemental weakness is key to dealing high amounts of damage.

During the course of an Emergency Quest week, certain Chips will also gain a special effect that triggers while the Chip is equipped during the Emergency Quest. The chosen Chips are typically featured on an esScratch that is released the same week. Certain special effects take effect if the Chip is equipped natively or as an Assist, while certain special effects can only activate if the Chip is equipped natively.


You can gain a Trigger by clearing certain difficulties of Emergency Quest or receiving them as a reward from the Bonus Scratch. While a Trigger is in your inventory, you can use it to unlock and play higher difficulty Emergency Quests. Very Hard Emergency Quests will give either an SH Trigger or an XH Trigger, while Super Hard Emergency Quests will always give an XH Trigger upon completion.

While multiple XH Triggers are in your possession, you have the option of using up to 10 Triggers at once. Using multiple XH Triggers boosts the HP of the boss by a certain value and increases the amount of Operation Points consumed, but the number of rewards, Bonus Points and Ranking Points earned are also multiplied accordingly, making using multiple Triggers at once more time-efficient. Using multiple Triggers at once is also the only way to receive certain rewards.

Bonus Scratch

Upon the defeat of an Emergency Quest boss, you will be awarded a currency called Bonus Points. The amount of Bonus Points earned is based on the difficulty of the boss, with XH Triggers multiplying the amount of Points earned based on the number of Triggers used. Bonus Points can be used to play on a special gacha called Bonus Scratch, which contains various items such as upgrade materials, XH Triggers, Weaponoid Stones, Rare Enemy Chips, weapons, and units.

Bonus Scratch features a Stage mechanic where pulling on a banner a certain number of times "upgrades" it, changing the list of possible rewards in the given Bonus Scratch. The higher the Stage, the more pulls required to reach the next Stage, with Stage count maxing at Stage 9 (MAX). Unlike normal Scratches, the prize pools in Bonus Scratches are fixed, meaning that you are guaranteed to obtain every item in the given banner before reaching the next Stage (or Resetting on Stage 9).

Support Request

After fighting an Emergency Quest boss, if the boss still has health remaining at the end of the session, you will have the option to send out a Support Request. Support Requests place an additional Quest on the lists of Friends on your Friends List with HP equal to the amount of health it had at the end of the Quest, allowing them to participate and help take down the boss, with all participants receiving rewards when the boss is defeated. On Super Hard and lower, up to 20 Friends can receive a single Support Request, while on Extra Hard up to 50 Friends can receive a single Support Request. When accepting a Support Request on Super Hard and lower, the OP cost of the Quest is halved for the first attempt.

Ranking Event

Certain Emergency Quests will be marked as Ranking Events during their initial announcement. During a Ranking Event, players will be ranked against each other based on the amount of Ranking Points earned by defeating Emergency Quest bosses, with more points given for higher difficulty Quests. Consuming more XH Triggers simultaneously also multiplies the amount of Ranking Points earned per boss. Players who rank high enough will earn exclusive prizes, such as special Chips, Costumes, and Room Items, while all participating players will earn a currency called Operation Stars that can be used to purchase special items.

Challenge Event

Challenge Event is a special variation of Emergency Quests introduced in early 2020. As opposed to taking down bosses with the assistance of other players, players now compete with each other to deal as much damage as possible to an Emergency Quest boss in one minute. Challenge Events have slightly different rules compared to normal Emergency Quests:

  • Bosses encountered in Challenge Events have infinite health.
  • Challenge Event bosses have a fixed Weakness related to the boss's Extra Hard variant. This weakness does not change throughout the week.
  • The first daily attempt at a Challenge Event does not consume OP. All subsequent attempts on the same day will consume 1 OP each.
  • Special effects are not present for Challenge Events.
  • Bosses fought in a Challenge Event do not drop rewards or items.

Upon completion of a Challenge Event run, your damage dealt, weapon, and Deck will be recorded, and will overwrite your old record if you achieved a new best score. Similarly to a Ranking Event, the highest ranking players in a Ranking Event will earn special prizes. In addition, reaching certain high scores unlocks achievements that award items such as Lambda Grinders and Rappy Medals.

List of Bosses

Enemy XH Weaknesses Unique Drops
Dark Agrani
Fire Ice Dark 13 Partizan Rozan Arion (SH+)
13 Twin Machineguns Chario Arion (SH+)
13 Wand Qucross Arion (SH+)
10 Launcher Cannon Legacy (H+)
9 Knuckles Gravel Core (H+)
9 Assault Rifle Tigredor (H/VH)
8 Partizan Ragne Answerer (H)
8 Twin Machineguns Sarcueid (H)
7 Launcher Saint Kilda (N)
7 Talis Rosa Crane (N)
Fire Lightning Wind
Nove Ringadarl
Wind Light Dark
Bantha Ong
Lightning Wind Light
Bantha Oran
Fire Lightning Dark
Bantha Donna
Fire Ice Light
Burn Draal
Ice Wind Light
Crys Draal
Ice Lightning Dark
Noire Draal
Fire Wind Dark
Haze Draal
Fire Lightning Light
Fire Ice Lightning
Embryo Vardha
Lightning Wind Dark
Org Keratos
Fire Ice Wind
Magisa Meduna
Ice Light Dark
Agata Zigmorinde
Lightning Light Dark

Variant Bosses

Upon starting an Emergency Quest, you may fight a Variant. Depending on the Quest difficulty, the types of Variants that can appear will be different; Normal, Hard, and Very Hard can randomly feature one of several Variants, while Super Hard and Extra Hard have fixed Variant appearances. For difficulties below Extra Hard, the "threat level" of a given Variant is denoted by the number of stars appearing next to its name, and the amount of Bonus Points and Ranking Points are multiplied based on the Variant encountered.

Variant HP Modifier Score Multiplier Appearance Changes Notes
No Variant 1.0x 1.0x Normal None
0.9x 1.0x Smaller than usual Low DEF
1.0x 1.5x Larger than usual High ATK
0.7x 2.0x Normal High attack speed
60.0x 5.0x Element-based Color Alternate Weakness XH Only
1.0x 2.5x 2P Color Gains Status attacks H and VH Only
Type C
0.9x 4.0x Red Haze Gains Light Weak VH Only (Non-Darkers)
Type C+
20.0x 4.0x Red Haze Gains Light Weak SH Only (Non-Darkers)
1.0x 3.0x
4.0x (Dark Agrani)
Metallic Gains Status attacks
Gains Light Weak
VH Only (Darkers)
20.0x ? Metallic Gains Status attacks
Gains Light Weak
SH Only (Darkers)

Drop Table

Type Item Name Notes
Weapons 15 Nebulos Series
14 Aletheia Series
Must use two or more XH Triggers
Special Abilities Ability.png Soul Receptor
Ability.png Extreceptor
Ability.png Reverie Receptor
Ability.png Gift Receptor Weapons Only
S-Class Special Abilities Pass S1 Add: Rupturing Intent
Pass S2 Add: Brilliant Intent
Pass S3 Add: Powering Intent
Pass S3 Add: Splintering Intent
Pass S3 Add: Double-Edged Sword
Pass S6 Add: Soaring Ballet
XH Only