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Mourning of Demise

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Mourning of Demise is an Emergency Quest.


Quest Type Emergency Quest
Quest Goal Head for the Final Area!
Single/Multi Party Multi
Clearing Conditions Defeat the enemy in the Final Area!
Failing Conditions N/A
Quest Time Limit N/A

Ranking & Quest Points

  • This Quest has special ranking requirements.
Defeat Enemies 400 pts
Clear Time 100 pts
Quest Points 9500 pts (see below)
Max Score 10000 pts
  • 9500 total points or more is required for S-rank. This means accumulating a total of 9000 or more Quest Points on the counter within the quest.
  • Quest Points are awarded for defeating bosses and for destroying enemy fighter craft and turrets, according to the following tables:
Area 1 Area 2 Area 1
Target Points Number Target Points Number Target Points Number
Cassadol I 22pt 51 Fractal Cannon 50pt 12 Varuna 500pt 1
Cassadol II 22pt Cassadol IV 93pt 3 Shiva (Mitra Ver.) 500pt 1
Minimal Laser 23pt 53 Demi-Variable 50pt 6 Goddess of Demise: Shiva 700pt 1
Fractal Cannon 23pt Evolion Dragon 350pt 1 E-Trial Clear 450pt -
Variable Laser 23pt Dark Ragne 250pt 1 Area 3 Total 2150pt
Luster Cannon 0pt 4 Oduna Zoldatta 250pt 1 Area 1+2 Total 7350pt
Bridge Mechanism 120pt 4 Grana Gwanahda 350pt 1
Dark Vibrace Yuga 200pt 1 Rafaga Ringahda or Golshrayda 350pt 1
Dral Veluge 200pt 1 Veiled Fordruss 350pt 1
Dral Gurudy 200pt 1 Grav Execour 400pt 1
E-Trial Completion 100pt - E-Trial Completion 350pt -
Area 1 Total 3521pt Area 2 Total 3829pt






Area 1: Friendly Battleship Deck

  • Turrets will appear on either side of the battleship deck.
  • Enemy Fighters (Cassadol I and II) will fly overhead like in Sector 1 of Armada of Demise. Destroy them to accumulate Quest Points.
  • Enemy Battleships will appear on either side of the friendly battleship. Use the turrets to destroy turrets and bridge of the enemy battleship to accumulate Quest Points.
    • The first battleship will appear on the left (port) side.
    • The second battleship will appear on the right (starboard) side.
    • Finally, two battleships will appear, one on either side.
  • Mobs will spawn on the battleship deck. Defeat the mobs to cause additional turrets to appear.
  • After the final pair of enemy battleships are destroyed (or warp out), Dral Veluge and Dral Gurudy will spawn along with mobs.
  • The Emergency Trial is to defeat all 21 enemies within 1 minute and 30 seconds.

Area 2: Enemy Flagship Interior

  • Defeat the mobs to open the first gate

First Room (Square)

  • There are three routes in the first room - central, right, and left.
  • Central Route:
    • Defeat the Evolion Dragon.
    • Take the jump pad up to the towers with the Fractal Cannons on them to accumulate Quest Points.
  • Right Route:
    • Defeat the mobs while avoiding the moving laser walls.
    • Defeat Oduna Zoldatta.
  • Left Route:
    • Stay under the static laser wall to avoid damage.
    • Defeat Dark Ragne.
    • Defeat the mobs, including a Flame Diamos.

Second Room (B-shaped room)

  • There are two routes in the second room: straight, and the route to the side.
  • Straight Route:
  • Side Route:
    • Activate the switches while avoiding the static laser walls to avoid damage.
    • Defeat the mobs and shoot down the Cassadol IV (Gold Fighter Planes) for Quest Points.
    • Avoid the rotating laser walls and deactivate the 3 devices.

Final Room

  • Destroy the turrets for Quest Points
  • The Emergency Trial is to defeat the Veiled Fordruss and Grav Execour within 1 minute and 20 seconds.

Area 3: Enemy Flagship Center


Type Item Name Notes
Weapons 15SwordTwin MachinegunsTalis Adel Series

15KatanaAssault RifleRod Serios Series
15Double SaberDual BladesWand Fimbul Series

Hr/Ph/Et 15* Collection File Weapons
15Gunslash Talon Schneider

15SwordLauncherTalis Oblisana Series
15 Novel Series
15 Orb Series
15 Million Series
15 Kirsa Series
14Wired LanceTwin MachinegunsWand Lamia Series
13 Twin Daggers Twin Tonfa
13 Talis Lumiholy

Area Drops
14 Dim Series

13 Basilis Series
13 Jutus Series

Misc. Enemy Drops
15KatanaGunslashAssault RifleTwin Machineguns Vortex Series UH
Shiva (Mitra Ver.) and
Goddess of Demise: Shiva Drops
15Sword Bonds Hachette UH
Varuna Drops
15Sword Dyne Hespera

15Talis Dyne Affectus
15Wired Lance Acure Charis
15Wired Lance Atus Charis

Heud Azure
Dral Veluge and
Dral Gurudy Drops
15Bullet Bow Hard Cross Bullet

15Wand Clarte Dolce

Veiled Fordruss Drops
15Partizan Megalis Glaive

15Rod Megalis Rod

Grav Execour Drops
15Katana Ridder Order

15Katana Resonant Talmey
15Launcher Combat Cannon
15Rod Resonant Tephira

Ultralized Bosses Drops
Units 13Rear Unit Rear/Equidic Grudge

13Rear Unit Rear/Avion Dusk

13Leg Unit Leg/Mirage Cell
13Leg Unit Leg/Nova Cell

13Rear Unit Rear/Novel Full
13Arm Unit Arm/Novel One
13Leg Unit Leg/Novel Mass

13Rear Unit Rear/Liberate Full
13Arm Unit Arm/Liberate One
13Leg Unit Leg/Liberate Mass

13Rear Unit Rear/Schvelle Kibbs
13Arm Unit Arm/Schvelle Ret
13Leg Unit Leg/Schvelle Serb

11Sub Unit Sub/Solid Barrier

Eggs 14Egg Vulcan Egg XH+
Special Abilities

Ability.png Veluge Glare
Ability.png Fordruss Glare
Ability.png Execour Glare
Ability.png Varuna Glare
Ability.png Mitra Glare
Ability.png Shiva Glare

From the respective bosses
S-class Special Ability (Weapons) PassS1 Add:Powering Intent

PassS1 Add:Augment Intent

S-class Ability Capsule Drops
PassS2 Add:Flowing Grace

PassS2 Add:Skilled Intent 2

PassS3 Add:Cursed Radiance
PassS4 Add:Calming Intent

PassS4 Add:Skilled Balance
PassS4 Add:Pursuing Skill
PassS4 Add:Raising Pursuit
PassS4 Add:Shared Ruin

PassS5 Add:Aegis Balance

PassS5 Add:Anthesis Cultivation

S-class Special Ability (Units) PassS6 Add: Long Night Star

PassS6 Add: Overlimit

S-class Ability Capsule Drops
PassS7 Add: Mind Merge

PassS7 Add: Glowing Grace
PassS7 Add: Zenith Impact
PassS7 Add: Increased Efficiency
PassS7 Add: Sentinel's Gift

PassS8 Add: Strong Potency

PassS8 Add: Sky Dance's Boon

S Class Ability 6 S6: Guardian Armor

S Class Ability 6 S6: Brilliant Ruin
S Class Ability 6 S6: Angelic Wings
S Class Ability 6 S6: Ironclad Illness
S Class Ability 6 S6: Wise Skill
S Class Ability 6 S6: Battle Readiness
S Class Ability 6 S6: HP Up
S Class Ability 6 S6: PP Up

On 13Rear Unit Rear Units

S Class Ability 7 S7: PP Up
S Class Ability 7 S7: Attack Up
S Class Ability 7 S7: Attack Up 2
S Class Ability 7 S7: R-ATK Up 2

On 13Arm Unit Arm Units

S Class Ability 8 S8: High Minded
S Class Ability 8 S8: S-ATK Up
S Class Ability 8 S8: R-ATK Up
S Class Ability 8 S8: T-ATK Up

On 13Leg Unit Leg
Others 13Order Module/Execour

13Order Module/Varuna
13Order Module/Mitra
13Order Module/Shiva

From the respective bosses
UH always drops 3x 13Order Module/Shiva