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Armada of Demise

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Armada of Demise is an Emergency Quest.


Quest Type Emergency Quest
Quest Goal Sector 1: Assist the friendly warship!

Sector 2: Attack the enemy warship, destroy the A.I.S. Disruptors!
Sector 3: Break through the enemy battleships!

Single/Multi Party Multi (8 Players)
Clearing Conditions
Failing Conditions Time Limit Expires
Quest Time Limit 30:00

Quest Restrictions

  • This quest is only available in Hard, Super Hard, Extra Hard and Ultra Hard difficulties (There is no Normal or Very Hard available).
  • There is a 999,999 damage limit in this Quest.


  • If you are incapacitated in the quest, you will automatically revive after 5 seconds.

Quest Progression

  • The quest is broken up into three parts, known as "Sectors". As the quest progresses, the currently active Sector will change, which in turn determines which version of the quest can be accepted.
  • When the Emergency Quest begins, a progress display meter with 40 minute timer will be displayed at the top of the screen indicating the current sector.
  • Progress is purely determined by time.
    • Sector 1 is available for the first 10 minutes of the Emergency Quest period.
    • Sector 2 is available for the next 10 minutes of the Emergency Quest period.
    • Sector 3 is available for the final 20 minutes of the Emergency Quest period.
  • Sectors 1 and 2 can be repeated as many times as you can clear it within the time period it is available.
  • Sector 3 can only be completed once per ship, and is only available to a character that has cleared Sector 1 or Sector 2 at least once.
  • Several improvements are implemented into the Emergency Quest to make it more streamlined when running the quest multiple times:
    • Your currently active drink persists between quest instances within this Emergency Quest.
    • If the currently active sector changes from Sector 1 to Sector 2 while you are in an instance of Sector 1, you can quickly accept a Sector 2 quest simply by selecting "Retry Quest" in the campship without having to go to the quest terminal/count even though the active quest has changed.
    • However, Sector 3 has to be manually selected from the quest terminal/counter.


  • Each sector has two variations, only one of which is randomly selected to be available during each occurrence of the Emergency Quest.
  • Each of the variations is counted as its own quest.
  • The possible variations are as follows:
Sector Pattern A Pattern B
Sector 1 Arks Ship Rescue Shipwreck Relief
Sector 2 Disruptor Ship Pursuit Photoner Ship Assault
Sector 3 Battleship Demolition Capital Ship Invasion

Interception Points

  • Defeating enemies, destroying turrets and enemy fighter craft, and clearing emergency trials will award Interception Points.
  • You will receive a rare drop bonus in Sector 3 depending on the amount of Interception Points accumulated.
  • The maximum amount of Interception Points available varies depending on the variation. The following table shows the maximum points available on Ultra Hard (Extra Hard and lower award fewer interception points):
Sector Quest Name Max Points Quest Name Max Points
Sector 1 Arks Ship Rescue 85,000 Shipwreck Relief 79,000
Sector 2 Disruptor Ship Pursuit 63,000 Photoner Ship Assault 56,000
Sector 3 Battleship Demolition 72,000 Capital Ship Invasion 70,000

Sector 1

Arks Ship Rescue

  • You will be dropped off near the hangars to provide assistance to a friendly battleship that has been captured in an immobilized by enemy fighters.
  • Proceed toward the front of the ship, defeating any enemies that appear along the way.
  • Enemy fighters will repeatedly strafe the area which provides an additional hazard. The fighters' strafing attacks hit rapidly in succession and can stagger-lock players in addition to doing significant damage.
    • Destroying the fighters will award additional Interception Points.
  • A pair of Dral Veluge will appear at the very end in a Resonance trial.


Shipwreck Relief

  • You will be dropped off near the hangars of a friendly ship as another friendly ship is severely damaged by a beam shot from an enemy battleship.
  • Proceed towards the front of the ship defeating any enemies that appear along the way.
  • Laser Traps will appear.
  • When you reach the front of the ship, the damaged friendly ship will crash nearby. Jump over to the damaged ship and defeat the enemies that appear.
  • A.I.S. Exodas will emerge from the hangars of the damaged friendly ship.
  • A pair of Dral Veluge will appear at the end along with some small enemies in an arena fenced by laser traps.


Sector 2

Disruptor Ship Pursuit

  • You will be deployed from the hangar of a friendly warship that is pursuing a fleeing enemy warship.
  • Move towards the front of the ship while avoiding the strafing fighters.
  • Three waves of enemies will appear at the front of the ship, with additional strafing runs by fighters between the waves.
    • Destroying fighters will award additional Interception Points.
  • After all 3 waves of enemies are defeated, the friendly warship will pull up alongside the fleeing enemy warship and deploy catapults allowing you to board the enemy ship.
  • Take the teleporters and proceed along the enemy warship while defeating the enemies and Darker bosses while avoiding fire from the turrets of the warship.
  • At the final area, there will be an A.I.S. Disruptor - a diamond-shaped device. Destroying it will trigger the boss battle - a Dral Gurudy accompanied by various enemies. Additional turrets will also appear.
    • Destroying the turrets of the enemy warship will award additional Interception Points.


Photoner Ship Assault

  • Players will be split into two groups and dropped off on either side of an enemy warship.
  • Defeat the enemies guarding the first A.I.S. Disruptor - one is on either side of the ship. Other enemy warships will pull up alongside and attempt to hit you with their numerous laser turrets.
  • After destroying the first A.I.S. Disruptor, a catapult will appear taking you to the upper level where the two groups will be able to meet up in an area with a large number of turrets.
    • Destroying the turrets of the enemy warship will award additional Interception Points.
  • After the two groups join up, proceed towards the final A.I.S. Disruptor and defeat the enemies guarding it.
  • Destroying the A.I.S. Disruptor will trigger the boss battle - a Dral Gurudy.


Sector 3

Battleship Demolition

  • Board an A.I.S. Vega and attack the enemy battleships.
  • To destroy an enemy battleship, the Bridge must be destroyed. The bridge is protected by a shield as long as the ship's escorts are still present.
  • There are 3 enemy battleships to be destroyed. After the first battleship is destroyed, two more will appear along with escorting enemies.
    • Destroying the turrets on the enemy battleships will award additional Interception Points.
  • When all 3 enemy battleships are destroyed, the boss - Nemes Ange will appear.


Capital Ship Invasion

  • Launch an assault on the enemy flagship. The flagship is protected by a formidable Luminmech boss - Demoire Dominus.
  • You deploy from the hangars of the friendly warship which has crashed into Demoire Dominus. Move to the front of the ship to engage the Boss, while avoiding the lasers it fires and the force fields it deploys to push you back.
  • After Demoire Dominus is damaged a bit, it will retreat into the background. You will automatically board A.I.S. Vegas to pursue.
  • Defeat the first wave of enemies that are deployed to intercept you, then advance through the rotating laser screens of the flagship.
  • A Dral Veluge・Σ and a Dral Gurudy・Σ will then intercept you.
  • After the two bosses are defeated, Demoire Dominus will instantly eject all players from their A.I.S. Vega.
  • After landing back on the friendly warship, prepare to defeat Demoire Dominus. See Demoire Dominus for more information.



Drops the following quest-specific drops in addition to enemy-specific drops:

  • 13 Basilis Series
  • 14 Dim Series
  • 8 Tool Silver Prize Medal
  • 8 Tool Gold Prize Medal
  • 14 Candy Exquisite Steady Parfait
  • 14 Candy Exquisite Stuffed Parfait
  • Pass S1 Add:Radiating Grace
  • Pass S1 Add:Red Petal Flash
  • Pass S1 Add:Blue Ocean Flash
  • Pass S1 Add:White Snow Flash
  • Pass S1 Add:Yellow Moon Flash
  • Pass S1 Add:Green Leaf Flash
  • Pass S1 Add:Black Shadow Flash
  • Pass S1 Add:Photon Balance
  • Pass S1 Add:Flowing Exhilaration
  • Pass S1 Add:Rupturing Excess
  • Pass S1 Add:Wise Skill
  • Pass S2 Add:Flowing Armor
  • Pass S2 Add:Heavenly Keeper
  • Pass S2 Add:Flowing Exhilaration
  • Pass S3 Add:Radiant Strike
  • Pass S3 Add:Flowing Courage