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The Dark Demolisher

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The Dark Demolisher is an Emergency Quest


Quest Type Emergency Quest
Quest Goal Defeat Dragon Atrum!
Single/Multi Party Multi
Clearing Conditions -
Failing Conditions Time Limit Expires
Quest Time Limit 30:00

Quest Restrictions

  • This Quest can only be accessed if The Crimson Castle Crusher has been cleared at least once during the current instance. This Quest can only be accessed with the character that cleared The Crimson Castle Crusher.
  • This Quest has a maximum player capacity of four.
  • This Quest is only available in XH and UH difficulty.
  • You must have a Main Class and Sub Class of Lv. 80 or a Successor Class at Level 80 to access this quest in XH, and a Main Class and Sub Class of Lv. 85 or a Successor Class at Level 85 to access this quest in UH.
  • There is a 999,999 damage limit in this Quest.


Laconium Sword

The Laconium Sword is a special mechanic that appears exclusively in The Crimson Castle Crusher and The Dark Demolisher. It is a replica of Alis Landale's signature weapon, and is the only weapon capable of defeating the Erython Dragon and its reanimated for, Dragon Atrum.


  • There is a three death limit in this Quest. If the incapacitation limit is reached, the Quest will be failed. Having your HP depleted with the Laconium Sword equipped will not count towards this limit. As of 2019/10/02, the death limit has been removed.
  • Dragon Atrum has approximately 40% the maximum HP of Erythron Dragon, but resists 50% of all damage.
  • Only a single Laconium Sword can appear at a time until the end of the fight.
  • Unlike in The Crimson Castle Crusher, there will be a delay of approximately 30 seconds after unequipping the Laconium Sword (through either manually disarming, reaching the time limit, or running out of HP with it equipped) before a new one will appear.
  • The quest is otherwise identical to The Crimson Castle Crusher including both phases. See The Crimson Castle Crusher for more information.
  • Weapons with the potential Potential.png Demolisher Conqueror are highly effective in this quest, providing a significant damage bonus and reducing all incoming damage by half. Consider using one of these weapons if you have difficulty surviving Dragon Atrum's attacks.


Same drops as The Crimson Castle Crusher with the addition of the following:

  • 14 Order Time Reversal Stone Chronos