The Crimson Castle Crusher (壊城に舞う紅き邪竜) is an Emergency Quest.


Quest Type Emergency Quest
Quest Goal Defeat the Erythron Dragon!
Single/Multi Party Multi
Clearing Conditions -
Failing Conditions Time Limit Expires
Quest Time Limit 60:00
Damage Limit 999,999

Quest Restrictions

  • This Quest may only be cleared once per instance.
  • The player's Main and Sub Class must be Level 75 or higher to access Extra Hard difficulty.


Laconium Sword

The Laconium Sword is a special mechanic that appears exclusively in The Crimson Castle Crusher. It is a replica of Alis Landale's signature weapon, and is the only weapon capable of defeating the Erython Dragon.


  • Up to three Laconium Swords can appear on-stage until the end of the fight.
  • While wielding the Laconium Sword, your HP and PP are preset to default amounts. You will not be incapacitated if you run out of HP while wielding the Laconium Sword.
  • The Laconium Sword has a duration of 60 seconds. You will be forced to disarm early if your HP is depleted while using the Laconium Sword.
  • Weapon Abilities:
    • Attack: Slash with the Laconium Sword. Deals significant damage and fires a sword beam that inflicts additional damage.
    • Buster Divide: Photon Art. Rapidly approach a locked-on target and slash with the Sword. Chargeable; upon full charge, player twirls the Sword and holds it in reverse grip; striking a blue weak spot with a fully charged Buster Divide breaks it instantly.
    • Guard: Weapon Action. Ready the shield and create a barrier. Deflects incoming attacks and protects players behind the wielder. Otherwise exhibits similar properties to the Guard Weapon Action on Hunter Weapons.


The Quest is divided into two parts.

Part 1

Leagues of Demons assault the party on the bridge to the citadel. ARKS must break through their forces to engage in direct combat with the Erythron Dragon.

  • Defeat each wave of Demons to break the barrier. After four waves, a Catapult appears to progress to Part 2.
  • The Erythron Dragon will constantly fly around the arena and shoot fireballs at players. Avoid the glowing markers on the ground to dodge the fireballs.
  • The Erythron Dragon will occasionally land on the citadel and breathe fire in a column in front of him, dealing massive damage to any player it hits. Avoid the glowing column marker to dodge the fire.

Part 2

ARKS takes the fight to the Erythron Dragon, with the support of Alis Landale and the Laconium Sword.

Drop Table

  • 13 Val Series
H+ VH+ SH+
  • 12 Rear Unit Rear / Evleda Kibbs
  • 12 Arm Unit Arm / Evleda Ret
  • 12 Leg Unit Leg / Evleda Serb