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Missions that ask for X characters in a party count the support character of other players when used.

Beginner Missions I

  1. Login for 1 day(s)
  2. Clear EP2 Story Quest Chapter 1 Episode 8
  3. Complete all Beginner Quests
  4. Complete 3 Side Story Quest(s)
  5. Complete 1 Daily Quest(s)
  6. Level any character to Lv.40
  7. Follow 1 friend(s)
  8. Enhance Symbol 1 time(s)
  9. Enhance any character's Elemental Burst
  10. Defeat 3 Idola(s) in Idola Battle

Beginner Missions II

  1. Level any character to Lv.60
  2. Increase character rarity 1 time(s)
  3. Defeat 5 Idola(s) in Idola Battle
  4. Generate 3 Idola(s) in Idola Battle
  5. Level any IdoMag to Lv.15

Beginner Missions III

Comeback Missions