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IdoMags (Idola)

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A support unit that greatly increases the ability value of the equipped party. It is also possible to increase the initial attributes depending on the setting of special abilities. Also, in addition to increasing the power of the river slash, additional effects can be generated.

Raising Pt can be obtained by leveling up IdoMag, and stats will increase when allocated. The allocated breeding Pt can be reassigned at no cost by pressing the reset button.

IdoMag's status will be added to the party equipped. However, the status "Special" only affects the release of special abilities, and the amount that is shaken is not added anywhere. It seems to be a substitute for the cost of acquiring additional abilities.

If you continue training even after reaching Lv100, the effect of the special ability will randomly increase by one. This increase is not reset. If you allocate the breeding Pt so that it meets the usage conditions, you can use it again with the same effect as before.