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Idolas (Idola)

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A huge creature that belongs to the genus of Dark Falz. Also known as a star beast. Some of the Vandor people have the power to transform and control Idola. However, if a person without qualifications is forced to become an Idola or fails to control, he loses his mind and becomes a "stray Idola" and wanders forever.

Among the various Idola, the one with the zodiac constellation as a motif is called high Idola, and it has a fighting power that sets it apart. Those who can become High Idola are called "Zodiart", and their power is inherited by relatives. Other Idola also have a correlation with race and kinship and the types that can be idolized.

Although it is set as a species of Dark Falz, according to an expert of the in-game character, it is "rather a technology created to counter Dark Falz". It is expected to be a mechanism similar to Dark Blast in PSO2.