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Annihilator Purification

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Annihilator's Purification is an Emergency Quest.


Quest Type Emergency Quest
Quest Goal Defeat Magatsu Sai!
Single/Multi Party Multi
Clearing Conditions -
Failing Conditions Time Limit Expires
Quest Time Limit 6:00

Quest Restrictions

  • This Quest can only be unlocked by achieving 100% Enemy Annihilation Rate during Annihilator's Apparition on the current Ship. Also, in order to play this Quest, you must have played Annihilator's Apparition at least once during the instance.
  • This Quest may be cleared once per Ship per instance.



This Quest is an A.I.S.-only Quest.

Available A.I.S. Skills

Main Palette

  • Slot 1: Solid Vulcan
  • Slot 2: Photon Saber
  • Slot 3: High Boost
  • Slot 4: Photon Grenade
  • Slot 5: Photon Rush
  • Slot 6: High Boost

Sub Palette

  • Slot 1: Photon Blaster
  • Slot 2: Weak Blaster
  • Slot 3: High Boost
  • Slot 4: Area Heal

Magatsu Shigan

  • At the beginning of the fight, Magatsu Shigan will appear.
  • While he has heightened aggression and speed compared to the original raid battle, he utilizes the same attacks and weaknesses.
  • Magatsu Shigan has 50% Strike Resist Strike resistance. This includes Photon Saber and Photon Rush.

Magatsu Higan

  • A few seconds after Magatsu Shigan is defeated, Magatsu Higan will appear.
  • Behaves exactly the same as Magatsu Shigan.
  • Magatsu Higan has 95% Range Resist Ranged resistance. This includes Solid Vulcan, Photon Grenade, and Photon Blaster.

Magatsu Sai

  • After the Magatsu Higan is defeated, a gold-colored Magatsu named Magatsu Sai will appear.
  • Magatsu Sai has extremely high aggression and very powerful moves.
  • Magatsu Sai resists damage not being dealt to any of his faces.
  • The central face's arms are replaced by a large barrier encircled by five red orbs. Each of the orbs corresponds to another face on the body that must be destroyed; destroying all five faces will release the central face and enable it to be attacked.
    • Both kneecap faces account for one orb.
    • The largest face on each forearm accounts for one orb.
    • The largest face at the top of its body accounts for one orb.
  • When all five faces are destroyed, Magatsu Sai will become a lot more aggressive.
    • Instead of simple slashes, it will start using the blades to attack in circular patterns, hitting almost the whole arena while shooting laser beams and energy barrage.
    • As soon as the five faces are destroyed, he will start charging the energy tsunami, indicated by him slowly rising while the screen slowly turns white. This attack hits the entire arena and will instantly destroy any A.I.S. that are hit.
      • He can repeat this attack at will.
      • This attack can be evaded by using High Boost or dodging at the correct time, or by hiding behind a rock formation.