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Annihilator's Apparition

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Annihilator's Apparation is an Emergency Quest.


Quest Type Emergency Quest
Quest Goal Defeat Magatsu!
Single/Multi Party Multi
Clearing Conditions -
Failing Conditions Emergency Trial Failure
Quest Time Limit 60:00

Quest Restrictions

  • This Quest may be cleared four times per Ship per instance.


This battle is a 12-on-1 raid boss fight against Magatsu, the Sealed Titan.

Battle Mechanics

  • Gates: Large Gates in the city bar Magatsu's path. When he draws near, Magatsu will begin attacking the Gate until it is destroyed. There are three Gates on the map; if the final Gate runs out of HP before Magatsu is defeated, the Quest will be failed. The more total HP the Gates have when the Quest is completed, the higher your Rank.
  • Point Counter: Breaking faces and clearing Quick Trials will raise the Point total located on the right side of the screen. When 100 Points is reached, Sukunahime's Blessing will activate. As more Points are collected, the Level of the buff will rise and apply more boons.
    • Level 1: Achieved at 100 Points. Atomizer Range and Jump Height are drastically boosted.
    • Level 2: Achieved at 500 Points. Maximum HP increases drastically.
    • Level 3: Achieved at 1000 Points. Natural PP regeneration greatly increases.
  • Quick Trial: Minor Emergency Trials known as Quick Trials will appear periodically. When these occur, Henrietta will give an announcement. The possible Trials range from not being hit by attacks to firing turrets at Magatsu. Clearing Quick Trials will add Points to the Point total.