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Central Aerio
Recommend Power Level: 800 NGSUISectionTypeIconGathering.png Gathering Area (32 Players)
Quest Objective Rescue Harriet!
Quest Type Limited Quest
Quest Details
Location Another World Omega - Enchanted Forest
Quest Category Multi Party Quest
Quest Requirements
N No Level Requirement
H Main Class Lv.20+
Complete a certain Client Order.
VH Main Class Lv.40+
Complete a certain Client Order.
SH Main Class Lv.50+
Possess a Super Hard License.
XH Main Class/Subclass Lv.80+
Possess a Super Hard License.
Possess a Super Hard License.
UH Main Class/Subclass Lv.85+
Possess a Super Hard License.
Time Limit 00:30:00
Damage Cap None
Lv. Adjustment None
Trigger Quest Item Enchanted Forest Trigger

The Beckoning Woods is a Limited Quest that is currently only available as its Trigger Quest form, which is obtainable as a drop from the Featured Quest The Menacing Castle.


  • Area 1: Enchanted Forest (randomized between a low difficulty route and a high difficulty route)
  • Area 2: Verunian Throne Room

Limited Quest Info

On XH difficulty, the following are applied:

Trigger Quest Info

In addition to the above, the following are applied:

  • 4-Man Party Quest only.
  • Available only in XH difficulty, and the player's Main and Sub Class must be Level 80.
  • Healing potency is decreased. Healing from Megiverse is decreased by 99%. All other forms of healing are reduced by 40%.
  • Failure condition of time limit of 30min exceeded or party wide Incapacitation Limit of 9 reached.
  • Enemy attack power is increased.
  • The high difficulty route is guaranteed in this version.
  • S-Class Special Abilities exclusive to the Trigger Quest can appear.