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Featured Quest is a Quest type that rotates its fourth featured quest among 5 different quests sequentially as of the point of writing, that is generally known for high exp yields and high Weapons Badge quest clear rewards on specific days. As long as you are a party leader, the quest can be retaken at the gateship exit via retry even after the daily reset, allowing one to prolong running the quest indefinitely until one exits the quest.

By clearing a Featured Quest with the present icon on at least A rank, a present can be received at the gateship after the quest result screen, that can grant manner of rewards that include Bonus Keys such as Tokyo, Magatsu, Rappy and Izane Bonus Keys. The difficulty of the Featured Quest does not affect the present rewards and thus the Featured Quests can be done on Normal if one desires. It should be noted that the present is only given if the quest is taken with the icon on it; clearing a mission just before it becomes a Featured Quest the next day does not count towards present eligibility. Partying with a player that has the flower icon next to their name indicating they are a returning player with a returning player boost (this icon can be hidden by the returning player however) also grants doubled rolls of Featured Quest present rewards.

Featured Quests are unique in that even if you have not unlocked the quests by doing the relevant free fields, you are still able to access the quests featured in them, although this feature has been made mostly redundant as story progression and field unlocks are now account wide.

The day is Saturday
The featured quest is A World Engulfed in Shadows

Chaotic Tranquility The Piper of Disharmony The Menacing Castle Chaotic Silence A World Engulfed in Shadows

Area Name Requirement Objective Notes
MapUrb.png 平穏を引き裂く混沌
Chaotic Tranquility
Complete Koffie's Client Order "Level Cap Trial I" that is unlocked at Lv.20. Defeat enemies and collect quest points! -
UIMapAlteredSpace.png 安寧を破りし超急の魔笛
The Piper of Disharmony
As above. Eliminate the Enemy Readings! Has a high EXP ratio when the bosses Biol Meduna and Chrome Dragon are encountered infected. Drops Cobalt Medals as well. Stages are randomized among a specific set, and there is a chance to meet a replacement parallel area map that also includes Mr Boing at any stage. If the first map is Naberius Forest, thunderstorm weather occurs.
UIMapBuster.png 戦塵を招く魔城の脅威
The Menacing Castle
As above. Defeat the Devil Castle! Has a high EXP ratio throughout.
MapMothership.png 静寂に生まれし混沌
Chaotic Silence
As above. Defeat enemies and collect Quest Points! -
MapNabUQ.png 暗影渦巻く壊れた世界
A World Engulfed in Shadows
As above. Defeat all the enemies that appear! Has a high EXP ratio for the bosses in the final map, and has titles for clearing by yourself and with others on XH.