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The Guides of Creation

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The Guides of Creation is an Emergency Quest.


Quest Type Emergency Quest
Quest Goal Defeat all target enemies within the time limit!
Single/Multi Party Multi
Clearing Conditions
Failing Conditions Emergency Trial Failure/Time Limit Expires
Quest Time Limit 60:00

Quest Restrictions

  • You must have a Main Class and Sub Class of Lv. 80 or higher or a Successor Class at Level 80 to access Extra Hard difficulty.
  • You must have a Main Class and Sub Class of Lv. 85 or higher or a Successor Class at Level 85 to access Ultra Hard difficulty.
  • There is a 999,999 damage limit in this Quest.


  • ESC-A Falz Mother's death cutscene can be skipped if the player accesses the Telepipe that appears in the center of the arena after her defeat.



  • All non-boss phases are skipped (Rideroid/Yggdrasil phases).
  • You will immediately be transported to the teleporter area for Deus ESC-A Gracia after the ending cutscene for defeating ESC-A Falz Mother plays.
  • ESC-A Falz Mother resists 50% of all damage but is otherwise identical to the one encountered in Racing the Phantom Mother. See ESC-A Falz Mother for more information.
  • Deus ESC-A Gracia resists 50% of all damage, and the final emergency trial has its time limit increased from 5 minutes to 20 minutes, but is otherwise identical to Zephyros. See Deus ESC-A Zephyros for more information.


N+ H+ VH+ SH+
  • 13 Astra Series
  • 13 Qliphad Series
  • 12 Rear Unit Rear/Astra Gres
  • 12 Arm Unit Arm/Astra Pioh
  • 12 Leg Unit Leg/Astra Rise
  • 12 Rear Unit Rear/Qliphad Ganaf
  • 12 Arm Unit Arm/Qliphad Lita
  • 12 Leg Unit Leg/Qliphad Rem
  • 13 Egg Rappy
  • 13 Egg Redran
  • 7 Order Qliphad Fuse
  • 10 Tool Conqueror's Crest