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Viva Las Vegas!

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Viva Las Vegas!
Quest Type Emergency Quests
Hard Level 40
Super Hard Level 70
Extra Hard Level 85
Ultra Hard Level 100
Quest Details
Location Las Vegas (VR Space)
Single/Multi-Party Multi Party Quest
Party Invitation Allowed
Ally Assistance Not Allowed
Conditions For Acceptance
Hard Main Class Level 8+
Super Hard Main Class Level 40+
Super Hard License
Extra Hard Main Class Level 70+
Super Hard License
Ultra Hard Main Class/Subclass Level 85+
Super Hard License
Time Limit 00:30:00
Damage Limit None
Ability Adjust None

Viva Las Vegas! is a Seasonal Emergency Quest. This Quest replaces Regiment of the Wicked in 2020.


Drop List

Type Items Notes
Weapons 15 Resonant Series
15 Dyne Series
15 Genon Series
15 Anacates Series
15 Serpen Series
15 Shiho Series
15 Double Saber Fraulein Rose
15 Gunslash Lumigunny
15 Dual Blades RA Blades
15 Assault Rifle Yasminkov 5000S
15 Launcher Combat Cannon
15 Twin Machineguns Aestria
15 Bullet Bow Hard Cross Bullet
15 Bullet Bow Quelle Vesper
15 Wand Clarte Dolce
15 Wand Promessa Pagina
15 Jet Boots Neo Cabliss
15 Takt Aqua Ripple
15 Austere-NT Series XH+ (Quest-Linked Boost Lv. 9+)
Units 13 Austere Series XH+ (Quest-Linked Boost Lv. 9+)
Eggs 14 Egg Jinga
14 Egg Aero
14 Egg Popple
14 Egg Melon
14 Egg Rappy
14 Egg Redran
Candy 13 Candy Super Grand Parfait
13 Candy Super Spicy Parfait
UH (All Classes)
Costumes 13 Black Rappy Suit Mini
13 Dark Rappy Suit Mini
Other 8 Tool Weapons Badge 2020
8 Tool Weapons Badge SP
8 Order Divide Medal
7 Material Pure Photon
12 Order Ultimate Booster
10 Tool Excube
10 Order Luminmech Emer Fragment
7 Order Emerad
XH+ (Quest-Linked Boost Lv. 6+)
Order Plamnia
Order Plamdest
Order Plamgrimo
Order Class Excube
XH+ (Quest-Linked Boost Lv. 9+)
15 Order Luminmech Grannine Crystal
Pass Grind Cap +1
Order Diard
UH (Quest-Linked Boost Lv. 9+)
Weapon Camo *Ignis
Weapon Camo *Optreion
Weapon Camo *Kazami-no-tachi
Weapon Camo *Saika Hyouri
Special Abilities
S-Class Special Abilities (Weapons)
S-Class Special Abilities (Units)