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Misc Questions

Extracting UI Icons

I've been trying to give some attention to the quest/enemy pages. They use the enemy icons mined from the game itself, but a good number of them are missing. I've tried to fill in some of the ones that are missing by looking at the icon mines posted on PSO-World forums but the selection is rather incomplete so I've resorted to cropping screenshots for some which I could not find the mined icons for (looks better than having a broken link, at least). Is there a tool/method to extract these icons that is available (to the public, clearly the dataminers have access to it)?

Here's a gigantic image compilation from the game. It's huge, you have been warned. SynthSy (talk)

  • 7.4GB wow. Thanks, I'll have a look. Beepboop8-3 (talk) 22:42, 20 May 2020 (UTC)