Train Ghidoran Suppression is an ARKS Quest that takes place on Earth.


Japanese Name トレイン・ギドラン討伐
Quest Type ARKS Quest
Quest Goal Defeat the Train Ghidoran!
Single/Multi Party Single
Clearing Conditions Defeat the Train Ghidoran!
Failing Conditions -


  • Being defeated by Train Ghidoran does not fail the Quest.
  • There is a glitch that involves Doctor Ghidoras spawning in place of Train Ghidoran while the stage is set to nighttime; in this case, the boss variant of the BGM will not play.
  • This is the only ARKS Quest in the game that is non-randomized.
    • At the start, a few Dash Panels will lead to a barrier guarded by two Crow Phamut, two Rat Phamut, a Polar Bear, and a Brown Bear. Defeating them will open the barrier.
    • This is followed by a barrier guarded by a Dosu Zombie; defeating him will cause a swarm of Dosu and Chaka Zombies to spawn; there are 6 of each, and they all have lowered HP than normal. Defeating them will open the barrier.
    • The next barrier is guarded by three Crow Phamut, three Rat Phamut, two Road Rollers, and a T-Rex.
    • The final barrier is guarded by a Chaka Zombie, a Polar Bear, a Brown Bear, a Road Roller, a T-Rex, a Snake Heli, and one Type-15 Tank. Defeating them will open the gate to the next area.
    • Area 2 is an open boss field with Train Ghidoran.