To Do List

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  • Add in all weapon images
    • Add Nemesis/Orbit/Invade/Austere sets
  • Add in all Units
  • Add in all Photon Arts and Techniques
    • Add skill mechanics to Photon Arts and Techniques
  • AC Scratch Item page(under Items category)
  • Create Costume template
    • Add in costumes
  • Create Client Order template
    • specifically add english and jp names for items
  • Support items


  • Matterboard Page
    • Event chronicle
  • Mag page
  • Add in accessory tickets
  • Add in room goods
    • special note: room posters
  • Add in voices page(under Items under Tickets)
  • Add in music discs(under Items under Music Discs)
  • Create Affix template(or just dump affix page)
  • Fill out Titles
  • Fill out Crafting
  • Arks Road

Distantly in the future

  • Enemy listings
  • Prep for summoner gear
    • May need additional pet page
  • Shop pages
    • Casino page
  • Npc pages
  • Quests list
  • Partner list