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Timed Abilities

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Timed Abilities

Timed abilities is an consumable item that when used installs onto your unit a certain boost like bonus Rare Drop Bonus, Experience bonus and some status bonus, that only triggers on a specific area that typically lasts for 7 days.

Timed abilities can be created through "Install Timed Ability" in you Craft Menu, which can be accessed in the My Room. When crafting a timed ability, the main effect that is crafted is entirely random, however, every day there will be one specific main effect that has a higher chance of being crafted according to a fixed schedule.

Timed Abilities also have sub effects which boost your attack stats, and if you are lucky you can gain secondary bonus to the sub effect which boost your attack even more, or in some Timed Abilities you could also gain PP bonus (ex. Advance Quest Timed Abilities).

Aside from crafting it yourself, you can also request another player to make Timed Abilities for you.

Main Effects Higher Chance List

Day Main Effect
1 Trial Stat Boost
2 Healing Item Effect Bonus
3 Randomly Negate Physical Dmg.
4 Prevent Shock
5 Rare Drop Bonus
6 Prevent Panic
7 Healing Item Effect Bonus
8 Trial PP Recovery
9 Randomly Negate Tech Dmg.
10 Experience Gain Bonus
11 HP Auto Restore
12 Healing Item Effect Bonus
13 Prevent Poison
14 Randomly Negate Tech Dmg.
15 Experience Gain Bonus
16 HP Auto Restore
17 Prevent Mirage
18 Randomly Negate Physical Dmg.
19 Buff Partner
20 Rare Drop Bonus
21 Prevent Burn
22 Healing Item Effect Bonus
23 Randomly Negate Physical Dmg.
24 Randomly Negate Tech Dmg.
25 Experience Gain Bonus
26 Trial HP Recovery
27 Prevent Freeze
28 Randomly Negate Physical Dmg.
29 Randomly Negate Tech Dmg.
30 Rare Drop Bonus
31 HP Auto Restore