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The Endless Darkness

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Emergency call to the Guardians. Above the skies of Naberius, the [Profound Darkness] and [Double] have appeared. Use all of your power that you have gathered so far and deal with this threat alone. It's a dangerous task, but we hope you can accomplish it.

—Quest Description

The Endless Darkness is an Emergency Quest. It is a single-player version of the Perennial Apocalypse Emergency Quest.


Quest Type Emergency Quest
Quest Goal Defeat the Profound Darkness!
Single/Multi Party Single
Clearing Conditions -
Failing Conditions Player is Incapacitated/Time Limit Expires
Quest Time Limit 20:00

Operator Chatter

Event Message
before [Double]
You'll be transported to the front soon.
Your objective is to forge a path to the
[Profound Darkness] by destroying Dark Falz [Double].
before [Double]
This enemy Dark Falz... we cannot even
fathom the depths of its power. Be careful,
and, please, come back to us safe and sound...
before [Profound Darkness]
You've opened a path to the [Profound Darkness].
All that remains is for you to take down this powerful foe.
before [Profound Darkness]
We have no detailed orders or instructions for you.
Fight bravely, and make it through this alive...
That's an order. That is an order!

Quest Trigger

Name Requirement Shop
The Endless Darkness Trigger 2017 Gold Weapon Badge x50 2017 Weapon Badge Exchange Shop

Quest Restrictions

  • This Quest has a maximum player capacity of 1.
  • This Quest may only be cleared once per Ship per instance of "Perennial Apocalypse". This quest is now only available through the quest trigger.
  • This Quest is only available in "Extra Hard" and "Ultra Hard" difficulty.
  • The player's Main and Sub Class must be at least Level 75 to access "Extra Hard".


  • Enemy stats are reduced.
  • Reward pool is nearly identical to Perennial Apocalypse.
  • The Quest must be cleared in under 12 minutes for an S Rank.
  • Only quest in which Union Boosters are dropped.


Drop Table

The same drops as in Perennial Apocalypse, with the addition of the following:

  • 13 Union Series
  • 13 Invade-NT Series
  • 12 Rear Unit Rear/Circu Union
  • 12 Arm Unit Arm/Circa Union
  • 12 Leg Unit Leg/Circ Union
  • Order Union Booster †
  • Order Ultimate Booster †
  • † Also a reward for clearing the quest with S-rank.