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S-ATK (NGS) Striking Weapons Sword (NGS) Swords   Wired Lance (NGS) Wired Lances   Partizan (NGS) Partizans   Twin Daggers (NGS) Twin Daggers   Double Saber (NGS) Double Sabers   Knuckles (NGS) Knuckles   Katana (NGS) Katanas   Dual Blades (NGS) Dual Blades
R-ATK (NGS) Ranged Weapons Assault Rifle (NGS) Assault Rifles   Launcher (NGS) Launchers   Twin Machineguns (NGS) Twin Machine Guns   Bullet Bow (NGS) Bullet Bows   Gunslash (NGS) Gunslashes
T-ATK (NGS) Technique Weapons Rod (NGS) Rods   Talis (NGS) Talises   Wand (NGS) Wands   Jet Boots (NGS) Jet Boots   Takt (NGS) Takts

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