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Story Board is a mechanic by which you can progress the story of EPISODE 4. It is the functional successor to the Matter Board.


EP4 must be active in order to access the Story Board; it will otherwise be disabled if EP5 is active. The active Episode can be changed by talking to Xierra at the Bridge.

To access the Story Board, the player must go to the Bridge, either through the Quick Menu or travelling there manually via a teleporter on the 2nd floor of the Gate Area. From here, you can talk to Xierra to access the Story Board, or open the Story Board option from the Start Menu.

The Story Board takes the form of a rectangular grid with various nodes on it, divided into five lines. The core Nodes are located in the center of the grid, and are required for story progression. Other Nodes may appear that branch out from the main line; these are not required for story progression, but supplement the story and may dispense valuable rewards.

There are two kinds of Nodes: Event Nodes and Quest Nodes.

  • Event Nodes are Nodes that trigger cutscenes when selected. Certain Event Nodes can be triggered by approaching certain NPCs, but can otherwise be triggered by selecting the cutscene from the Story Board.
  • Quest Nodes are gold Nodes that feature a small Quest symbol in them. Selecting this will enable you to start a Story Quest. Story Quests can be taken in Easy or Normal difficulties; Easy difficulty cuts the maximum Level cap of the enemies, but prevents you from earning certain Titles.

Chapter 1

Node Description Rewards
[003-B] Unit: Sub / Weapon Barrier
[004-C] Tech Cookie
[004-D] Unit: Sub / Weapon Barrier
[006-C] Ray Duplex
[007-C] Clear Story Quest
8-C to 12-C are cutscene from this quest
Triboost +50%
[014-B] 3000 EXP Ticket
[014-D] Experience Gained +50%
[015-B] Photon Sphere
[015-D] Ability Candy Stick
[019-D] Photon Sphere
[020-D] One Layer Pancake
[022-C] Triboost +50%

Chapter 2

Node Description Rewards
[034-C] 35-C to 38-C cutscene are part of this

Chapter 3

Node Description Rewards
[042-A] 3000 EXP Ticket
[042-D] Lobby Action 40 Ticket
[042-E] Photon Sphere
[043-A] Tigredor
[043-B] Stamina Cookie
[043-E] Triboost +50%
[046-C] Liberacion
[047-D] 3000 EXP Ticket
[049-A] 3000 EXP Ticket
[049-B] Photon Sphere
[049-D] 3000 EXP Ticket
[049-E] 3000 EXP Ticket
[051-C] Neiclaw

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Phantom Emblem

By clearing the Story, you can receive Phantom Emblems that can be traded in at Zieg to get a Weapon Camo. There are currently three Phantom Emblems.

  • You may earn one Phantom Emblem by clearing Story Quest 4-8. This is received as a Title Reward.
  • You may earn one Phantom Emblem by clearing Quest Node 179-D with an S Rank. This is received as a Title Reward.
  • You may earn one Phantom Emblem by defeating Deus ESC-A Gracia. This is received as a Title Reward.