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Episode 4 takes place on alternative Earth is set two years after Episode 3 (1 year after the events in PSO2: The Animation), the player have been placed in cold sleep after their battle with Profound Darkness and upon waking up is greeted by Xiera whom is assigned as an operator for the player, explaining the players accomplishments from Episode 1 - 3 and changes that occurred whilst the player sleep.

Episode 4 Story Board can be acccessed from the Bridge and can view cutscene unlike matterboard which required going to the field to view the cutscene marker in single player quest to progress. Story Board rewards player upon viewing cutscene which can be skipped and no longer need to fight required enemy to obtain rewards. Although similar to matterboard, the story board is a linear and the player can complete the story quest from the bridge which will unlock the next part of the chapter straight away, no longer required visiting the NPC to unlock next part.

Chapter 1

Node Description Rewards
[003-B] Unit: Sub / Weapon Barrier
[004-C] Tech Cookie
[004-D] Unit: Sub / Weapon Barrier
[006-C] Ray Duplex
[007-C] Clear Story Quest
8-C to 12-C are cutscene from this quest
Triboost +50%
[014-B] 3000 EXP Ticket
[014-D] Experience Gained +50%
[015-B] Photon Sphere
[015-D] Ability Candy Stick
[019-D] Photon Sphere
[020-D] One Layer Pancake
[022-C] Triboost +50%

Chapter 2

Node Description Rewards
[034-C] 35-C to 38-C cutscene are part of this

Chapter 3

Node Description Rewards
[042-A] 3000 EXP Ticket
[042-D] Lobby Action 40 Ticket
[042-E] Photon Sphere
[043-A] Tigredor
[043-B] Stamina Cookie
[043-E] Triboost +50%
[046-C] Liberacion
[047-D] 3000 EXP Ticket
[049-A] 3000 EXP Ticket
[049-B] Photon Sphere
[049-D] 3000 EXP Ticket
[049-E] 3000 EXP Ticket
[051-C] Neiclaw

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6