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Welcome to Arks-Visiphone! To maintain a constructive environment, we have some ground rules to lay down.

If this is your first time here, you should read New Editors to figure out how to create and edit pages as well as meet quality standards.

First of all, be respectful. Don't use/promote mods that directly change the game client. Only post information/pictures from 'official' sources or from in-game. Use the Preview button when editing so that Special:RecentChanges doesn't have your name scrolling down the page.


There are a few things you should know before you go off traipsing through the wiki making pages and editing. We are an English Wiki, and most content should be in proper English. The exception to this is the Japanese names for items so that they can be found in-game

This only applies to pages associated with the wiki. As such, this does not apply for personal User pages.

However, behavior that is clearly out of line will not be tolerated, even in User pages and run the risk of being banned from the wiki.

Textual Content

Good Bad
Dudu is an Item Lab Assistant in the Shop Area that provides various Item Lab facilities. Dudu is that guy that took all my money when I tried to get to step 10 on my weapon.
Accurate information that is simple to understand. Personal experience that does not accurately describe the subject at hand.

Textual content should be relevant to the page and only contain information from the game or trusted sources. There should not be discussion, speculation, opinions, or other unrelated content on the page. This can however go onto the discussion tab of that page. Still no topics unrelated to Pso2 though.

Write information in a way that complex topics can be simply understood.

Any offensive language of any kind will not be tolerated and run the risk of being banned from the wiki.


High quality images are important to the wiki. There are many ways to obtain them, but it is required that they be in Png format, or Gif if they need animation. Data is lost in Jpg images, lowering the quality of the image.

For more info see here How to Get Pictures Suitable for Wiki Use

Any image containing offensive, illegal materials or sexual content will be promptly removed and the user banned!

User Pages

In the user page, you are given great freedom to write about whatever you like. Please do not treat it as your own personal blog nor link it to pages, templates, categories. This does not apply for sub-pages of your User page however.

If you do regularly use the User page however, be sure to contribute to the wiki also.

The Role of Moderators

Moderators have the role of managing users and confirming the quality of the wiki.

As a user, you cannot revert a moderator's edit. You may discuss it with that moderator on the talk page, but you cannot revert it. Their edits are considered formal decisions, whether to solve an argument or simply bring a section of the wiki up to quality standards.

If you believe that a moderator's behavior is incorrect or inappropriate, then you can bring it up either in his talk page.