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Mining Base Defense: Demise

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Quest Type Emergency Quest
Quest Goal Defend the Mining Base
Single/Multi Party Multi-party
Phases Phase 1 (6 Waves)
Clearing Conditions -
Failing Conditions All Towers are destroyed
Quest Time Limit -


Drops Table

Difficulty Weapons Units Others

7Sword Zanba
7Double Saber Double Saber Legacy
7Knuckles Eight Ounce
7Katana Lacruico
7Assault Rifle Strauss
7Twin Machineguns Aresvis
7Rod Strike Broom
7Talis Onmyou Kikami
8Wired Lance Gudda Skela
8Partizan Bluesy Requiem
8Twin Daggers Oboro
8Dual Blades Lextear
8Gunslash Axeon
8Launcher Photon Launcher
8Bullet Bow Alteri
8Wand Konsaikon
8Jet Boots Arestice
10Sword Crusade Lore-NT
10Wired Lance Saint Luster
10Partizan Soul Eater
10Twin Daggers Marie Nails
10Double Saber Langritter-NT
10Knuckles Pao Nerian
10Katana Beuray Obs-NT
10Dual Blades Millioblight
10Gunslash Arao Slash
10Assault Rifle Arao Cylinder-NT
10Launcher Endymion
10Twin Machineguns Brauvint
10Bullet Bow Nebula Wind
10Rod Rulyra
10Talis Brauluft
10Wand Stina
10Jet Boots Strabliz

9Rear Unit Hera Sutra
9Arm Unit Hera Thrust
9Leg Unit Hera Grind
9Rear Unit Calvaria Wing
9Arm Unit Calvaria Toll
9Leg Unit Calvaria Fin
9Rear Unit Bloom Feather
9Arm Unit Bloom Art
9Leg Unit Bloom Helio
9Leg Unit Negro Witch
9Rear Unit Luxe Soir
9Arm Unit Luxe Ende
9Leg Unit Luxe Nero

4Furniture Mini Mini Mining Wrecker
5Furniture Mini Mini Mining Base
6Furniture Mini Mini Mining Tower
7Order Rubiard
7Order Saphard
7Order Neojit
7Order Promechit


9Sword Blazaxe
9Wired Lance Dio Kuscha Nebula
9Partizan Dio Basilleon
9Twin Daggers Dio Astella
9Double Saber Dio Spirtia
9Knuckles Dio Riddle Mole
9Katana Lambda Castilon
9Dual Blades Lambda Adelaide
9Gunslash Naglering
9Assault Rifle Dio Strauss
9Launcher Dio Verethragna
9Twin Machineguns Dio Aresvis
9Bullet Bow Lambda Fauve
9Rod Haze Processor
9Talis Serata Crane
9Wand Dio Regalia
9Jet Boots Lambda Lezaswift


11Sword Sharp Cycler-NT
11Twin Daggers Split Schild-NT
11Knuckles Strike Brute-NT
11Katana Kongou-NT
11Gunslash Lufnesia-NT
11Assault Rifle Cheripheed-NT
11Talis Premicheros-NT
11Jet Boots Rondakrus-NT

10Rear Unit Folia Prapa
10Arm Unit Folia Dore
10Leg Unit Folia Korse
10Rear Unit Primula Feather
10Arm Unit Primula Art
10Leg Unit Primula Helio
10Rear Unit Midia Ouida
10Arm Unit Midia Rouble
10Leg Unit Midia Witch


11Wired Lance Mark Curio-NT
11Partizan Kaiser Falx-NT
11Double Saber Gliserc-NT
11Dual Blades Sol Rishell-NT
11Launcher Volt Howitzer-NT
11Twin Machineguns Eagle Flint-NT
11Bullet Bow Solid Ricurve-NT
11Rod Vasetail-NT
11Wand Valzounam-NT

12Candy Stability Roll


12Twin Daggers Apprentice Grudge
12Double Saber Lillipiece
12Katana Sackpiece
12Rod Canaropp

13Egg Cery
13Egg Maron
13Candy Perfect Parfait