Area 1
Pso2 ta NabAdv1.jpg
<-Start at E6:
  1. Hit the switches at E5 so you can hit the switches at D5 and F5
  2. Kill the enemies at E4 to unlock the teleporters
    1. Only really need to kill the Oodan and Za Oodan
  3. Use a teleporter to arrive at the square area (A2,A3,B2,B3)
  4. Kill everything in the square area to unlock teleporters
  5. Use the teleporter to go to E3 and destroy the first rock
  6. Go back into the teleporter and go to E4
  7. Use the left and right teleporters to go to D4 and F4
  8. Cut the grass to reveal the switch Hit the switch and use the teleporter to E3 (Repeat if solo)
  9. Follow the left wall to avoid traps and go to E1
  10. Kill the Rockbear and move to next area
Area 2
Pso2 ta NabAdv2.jpg
<-Start at C6:
  1. Hit the switches at C5 (if solo or duo do all of the below but leave going left for after step 4)
  2. One player goes right (on map) to D3 to hit the switch. One goes left (on map) to kill everything in B5 and A5 to hit the switches in both (hidden in snow).
  3. Remaining players kill everything in C5 to unlock teleporters on A5 and D3
  4. Kill everything in C4 and hit the switch
  5. Use teleporter at A5 to A4 and kill everything
  6. Go to C3 and kill everything and hit the switch
  7. Use Jump Pads to go to A1 and use teleporter
  8. go to final area
Final Area Kill the Boss