Area 1
Pso2 ta Lillipa1.jpg
<- Start at E6:
  1. Go up the ramp, kill bots and hit the purple switch. Don't step into the red marked area as it'll trap you in the area and spawn enemies. Rangers should use Concentrate One and Forces Ra-Zan
  2. Go E4 to hit the switch, break enemy spawner and kill all enemies to hit second switch
  3. Go D4 and kill bots
  4. Repeat step 3 in C4, have one person hit blue switch with ranged attacks
  5. Go C5 and follow the bridge north, killing bots and hitting switch along the way
  6. Repeat step 3 in C3 and C2
  7. Go towards the exit, kill enemies along the way
Area 2
Pso2 ta Lillipa2.jpg
<- Start at C7:
  1. Go up the ramp and kill the enemies
  2. Split into 2 Groups. One group goes east towards E3, killing enemies along to remove walls along the way. One group goes north towards D3, doing the same.(Ranged characters can hit the purple switches along the way to disable traps for the other side)
  3. Both groups splits again. One player gets the switch on E2 while the other stays at E3. One player gets the switch at C3 while the other heads towards E3.
  4. Hit the 2 switches in E3 to make the jump pad spawn, use it to go to map exit
Final Area Kill the Boss


* (Area 1) There's numerous switches that enables explosives
  * I did not list these as hitting them is usually just a waste of time
* (Area 2) The switches in E3 will only appear for a limited time after hitting previous switches
* (Area 2) If you're soloing, or did not get the E3 switches, then you need to get the yellow marked switches as well to reach the exit.