Area 1
Pso2 ta Amd1.jpg
Start at E5:
  1. Work your way to C4 while killing enemies along the way
  2. Work your way to B2 while killing enemies along the way
    1. Do not kill the dragonkin as it will activate E-Trial:Elimination on Area 3
    2. Killing dragonkin after all darkers are dead does not count
  3. Kill the darkers and hit the 2 switches here to activate the jump pad
  4. One player uses the jump pads and kills enemies to hit green switch at B1
  5. The rest goes to hit yellow switch at B1 and then wait for jump pad at C1 to activate
  6. Move towards D3 while killing enemies
  7. Use the jump pad to F3 and kill enemies there
    1. Once again don't kill the dragonkin
  8. Proceed north and clear the trap to finish the area
Area 2
Pso2 ta Amd2.jpg
Start at B2:
  1. Kill the enemies and hit the switch at each corner of the map and then take the teleporter
    1. Again, don't kill the dragonkin
  2. Hit the switches and go right to use the teleporter
  3. Kill the darker enemies again, kill Gwana
    1. As usual, don't kill the dragonkin
      1. Or at least wait until after the darkers are dead
Final Area
  1. Go North
    1. Do E-Trials if you killed dragonkin
  2. Kill Vol Dragon


* (Area 1) Gunners can reach A1 in without the yellow jump pad
* (Area 1) Gunners can disable the trap at F2 by activating either of the earlier traps and jumping out