Emblem Battle is a Quest in Battle Arena.


  • Two teams, Red Union and Blue Union, vie for the most Points. The team with the most Points at the end of the match is the winner.
  • 12 Players are split into two groups of 6. You may interact with and see the names of the players on your Union only.
  • Matches have a round time of 5 minutes. Updates occur at fixed intervals of the match.
  • All players begin the match unarmed. Players must use Mining Points to acquire a new weapon.
  • Upon death, you will automatically respawn at your Union's base and your weapon will be confiscated.


  • Points may be generated by collecting Emblems.
  • There are three types of Emblems.
    • Emblems of your Union's color generate 1 Point.
    • Emblems of your opponent's color generate 5 Points.
    • Rainbow Emblems are worth 10 Points.
  • Defeating an opposing player will reduce their on-hand Points by 10% of its value and add it to your Points.
  • Falling into lava will reduce your Points by 10% of its value and award it to the enemy Union.

Weapon Overview


A large broadsword used for heavy melee strikes. Requires the player to be in close range to strike, but deals massive damage to opponents with its attacks. Possesses the ability to Guard enemy attacks to survive potentially lethal hits. Steps as its dodging action.

Photon Arts

  • Nova Strike: Swing your sword around you in a circular motion. Strikes all players around you in a radius. Knocks down opponents.
  • Rising Edge: Rise into the air with a slashing uppercut. Relatively far strike distance and astounding vertical reach. Tosses opponents.

Assault Rifle

A standard-issue rifle armed to the teeth. Deals little damage per bullet, but has excellent attack speed, range, and precision. Dive Rolls as its dodging action.

Photon Arts

  • One Point: Unload a clip of bullets concentrated at a single target.
  • Piercing Shell: Load and fire a bullet that goes through enemies. Deals damage, staggers opponents, and inflicts Injury status worth 50% of their maximum HP.


A cane attuned to casting Techniques. Very little striking power, but Technique capacity enables it to deal damage to opponents from afar and inflict various status effects. However, it is a resource hog that burns through PP very quickly. Mirage Escapes as its dodge action.


  • Foie: Concentrate Photons into a fireball, then fire it at enemies. Charge to increase radius and damage. May inflict Burn on strike.
  • Zonde: Strike foes with a lightning bolt. Extremely high precision and respectable damage. Has a chance to inflict Shock on impact.
  • Megid: Fire a slow-moving orb that explodes on contact. Tracks foes when locked on or targeted in TPS Mode. Deals damage in a wide blast radius that hits around corners. May inflict Poison on strike.


VR Forest

VR Volcano

VR Tokyo