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ARKS Ship Fire Swirl

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ARKS Ship Fire Swirl
Quest Type Emergency Quests
Normal Lv. 20
Hard Lv. 40
Very Hard Lv. 55
Super Hard Lv. 70
Extra Hard Lv. 80
Ultra Hard Lv. 91
Quest Details
Location Urban Area (ARKS Fleet)
Single/Multi-Party Multi
Party Invitation Allowed
Ally Assistance Not Allowed
Conditions For Acceptance
Normal N/A
Hard Main Class Lv. 20+
Very Hard Main Class Lv. 40+
Super Hard Main Class Lv. 50+
Extra Hard Main Class Lv. 70+
Ultra Hard Main Class/Subclass Lv. 85+
Time Limit 00:20:00
Damage Limit None
Ability Adjust None

ARKS Ship Fire Swirl is an Emergency Quest.


  • If a Rescue Gun is not in your inventory upon arriving in the Campship, you will be given a Rescue Gun.
  • This Quest is an homage to a Quest in Phantasy Star Online called "Central Dome Fire Swirl". Similar to that Quest, it is a reference to the SEGA Saturn game Burning Rangers and requires you to extinguish fires to save civilians. In order to evacuate the citizens, extinguish the fires with any attack and then talk to the citizens with the interact (E) key. During the Quest, the Burning Rangers theme song, "Angels with Burning Hearts", will play over the standard Urban theme.
  • This Quest was no longer available on August 7th, 2013 and was revived on March 3rd, 2021.



  • Krahda クラーダ
  • Dagan ダガン
  • El Dagan エル・ダガン
  • Predicahda プレディカーダ
  • Breeahda ブリアーダ
  • Dagan Egg ダガンエッグ
  • Kartargot カルターゴ
  • El Ahda エル・アーダ
  • Gwanahda グワナーダ
  • Gwanahda Bit グワナーダ・ビット
  • Dark Ragne ダーク・ラグネ
  • Micda ミクダ
  • Kuklonahda キュクロナーダ
  • Cyclonehda サイクロネーダ
  • Wolgahda ウォルガーダ
  • Zeshrayda ゼッシュレイダ
  • Bonta Bakuta ボンタ・バクタ
  • A.I.S Exoda A.I.Sエクソーダ
  • Bomber Vareda ボンバヴァレーダ


  • Sil Dinian シル・ディーニアン
  • Descente Draal デサント・ドラール


  • Anphedullard アンフェドゥラード
  • Ghazal Cassadora ガザル・キャサドーラ


  • Anjhadu-lili アンジャドゥリリ
  • Godoni-agari コドニアガリ
  • Ban Ogaki-baru バン・オガキバル


  • Wolf Foie ウルフフォイエ
  • Foie Sorcerer グランソーサラー
  • Omega Salamander オメガサラマンダ
  • Flame Diamos フレイムディアモス


  • Bareel バリール
  • Radilugo ラディルーゴ
  • Saber Diggle セイバーディグル

Special Enemies

  • Rappy ラッピー
  • Eleph Rappy エレフ・ラッピー (via E-trial)
  • Mesetan メセタン
  • Mr. Boing Mr.ボワン
  • Tagami Kazuchi タガミカヅチ

(DA) Aberrations

  • Dagan Yuga ダガン・ユガ
  • Yugadicahda ユーガディカーダ
  • Yuguldrahda ユグルドラーダ
  • Kuklonahda Yuga キュクロナーダ・ユガ
  • Cyclonehda Yuga サイクロネーダ・ユガ
  • Yugada Sorcerer ユグダソーサラー

(NA) Aberrations

  • Plosiorgles プロジオーグルス
  • Diabo Igrithys ディアボイグリシス

(LI) Aberrations

  • Falke Leone ファルケ・レオーネ
  • Vlima Leopard ヴリマ・レオパード
  • Zeta Guranz ゼータ・グランゾ

(AM) Aberrations

  • Drago Deadleon ドラゴ・デッドリオン


The goal is to collect 119 Points by putting out the fires & saving the civilians via E-trial. Using your weapons/PAs/Techs on the flames puts them out, occasionally a fire pillar will appear on the side of the fire, attacking this deals more damage to put out the fire. Once the fire is put out, speak to the civilians to evacuate them from the area, save all the civilians to earn 40 Points clearing the E-trial. Once 3 Rescue E-trials are complete the quest is done & may be repeated as many times within the 30 minute time slot.

Recently, however players have realized this quest drops a vast amount of badges. They prioritize defeating enemies & Boss E-trials farming for badges for the full 20 minutes rather than earning quest points. That said some players may try to earn points when their timer is low. It should be noted this is an Older Emergency Quest so everyone has a different timer unless partied together so be mindful and Good luck ARKS.