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Perennial Apocalypse

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Perennial Apocalypse is an Emergency Quest.


Quest Type Emergency Quest
Quest Goal
Single/Multi Party Multi
Clearing Conditions
Failing Conditions Time Limit Expires
Quest Time Limit 60:00

Operator Chatter

Event Message
before [Double]
You'll be transported to the front soon.
Your objective is to forge a path to the
[Profound Darkness] by destroying Dark Falz [Double].
before [Double]
This enemy Dark Falz... we cannot even
fathom the depths of its power. Be careful,
and, please, come back to us safe and sound...
before [Profound Darkness]
You've opened a path to the [Profound Darkness].
All that remains is for you to take down this powerful foe.
before [Profound Darkness]
We have no detailed orders or instructions for you.
Fight bravely, and make it through this alive...
That's an order. That is an order!



  • This emergency quest features the A.R.K.S. Boost granting players buffs as other groups clear the quest.
Progress HP PP HP Recovery
A.R.K.S. LEVEL.1 25% Max PP +20
A.R.K.S. LEVEL.2 50% Max HP x1.3
A.R.K.S. LEVEL.3 100% Max HP x1.5 PP Regen Up x1.5
  • After Dark Falz Double is defeated, players will automatically be taken to the teleporter for Profound Darkness.
  • There will be a telepipe in Dark Falz Double's arena for players who miss getting transported.
  • Unlike all other teleporters, the teleporter for Profound Darkness cannot be stopped once the 30 seconds countdown has started.
  • The player that activates the teleporter will not have a window active and can continue to act during the countdown (such as by casting Shifta/Deband, for example).

Drop Table

N+ H+
  • 9 Lambda Series
  • 13 Invade Series
  • 11 Rear Unit Rear/Invalum
  • 11 Arm Unit Arm / Invand
  • 11 Leg Unit Leg/Invarif
  • 12 Candy Invincible Roll
  • 13 Invade-NT Series
  • 13 Nemesis-NT Series
  • 13 Slave-NT Series
  • 14 Ares-NT Series
  • 15 Novel Series
  • 13 Rear Unit Rear/Austehazara
  • 13 Arm Unit Arm/Austerico
  • 13 Leg Unit Leg/Austerevel
S-Class S-Class Special Abilities
  • S Class Ability 6 S6:Ironclad Illness
  • S Class Ability 7 S7:Glowing Grace
  • S Class Ability 8 S8:Sky Dance's Boon