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| Slide Uppercut || Sliding Uppercut
| Slide Uppercut || Sliding Uppercut
| Backhand Smash || Decimator
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| Messiah Time || Chronolapse
| Messiah Time || Chronolapse
| ??? || Contact Blast

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Calculate Enemy DEX

Using Summoner, one can calculate the hidden DEX stat for every enemy. Each enemy in PSO2 contain a hidden DEX value that determines your damage variance if your passive DEX is higher or lower than the enemy's hidden stat.

Thus the formula (taken from the japanese wiki) is below.

         Player Dex > Pet DEX * damage variance + PA Dex (usually 100%)  = Enemy Dex + Value from table
Pet Striking Ranged Technique
Wanda 13 +133 +127 +121
14 +89 +83 +77
Jinga 13 +112 +107 +117
14 +168 +162 +174
Torim 13 +191 +202 +196
14 +181 +193 +187
Aero 13 +154 +176 +165
14 +207 +237 +225
Cery 13 +208 +203 +213
14 +225 +219 +231
Popple 13 +195 +180 +190
14 +314 +290 +308
Maron 13 +188 +199 +194
14 +238 +256 +244
Melon 13 +78 +105 +99
14 +206 +208 +235
Rappy 13 +0 +0 +0
Viola 13 +145 +150 +155
14 ? ? ?
Synchro 13 +172 +151 +178
14 ? ? ?
Redran 13 +79 +133 +106
14 ? ? ?

Test work stuff


Test Table

UIItemThunderIzaneshi.png Description

Ability.png Modulator Ability.png Power IV
Ability.png Act the Soul Ability.png Spirita III

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Rosetta Stone of PSO2

JP Translated NA Official
Genesis Weapons Cosmogenic Arm
Emergency Quests Urgent Quests
Dewmans Deumans
Party Chat Party Chat
Takt Harmonizer
Dual Blades Soaring Blades
Successor Class Scion Class

Quest Names

JP Translated NA Official
Raging Dark Arms The Raging Obsidian Arm
Profound Darkness Kin: Elder Elder of the Unfathomable Abyss
Mega Mecha's Awakening Giant Automata: The Awakening

Weapon Names

JP Translated NA Official
Coat Edge Coated Edge
Ashen Staff Clarissa II Clarissa II the Ashen


JP Translated NA Official
Striking Attack (S-ATK) Melee Power (MEL Pwr)
Ranged Attack (R-ATK) Ranged Power (RNG Pwr)
Technique Attack (T-ATK) Tech Power (TEC Pwr)
Dexterity (DEX) Dexterity (DEX)
Striking Defense (S-DEF) Melee Defense (MEL Def)
Ranged Defense (R-DEF) Ranged Defense (RNG Def)
Technique Defense (T-DEF) Tech Defense (TEC Def)

PA Names


JP Translated NA Official
Rising Edge Rising Edge
Nova Strike Nova Strike
Stun Concido Blade Bash
Cruel Throw Merciless Throw
Twister Fall Twister Drop
Ride Slasher Ride Slash
Over End Cross Cut

Wired Lance

JP Translated NA Official
Other Spin Twist Driver
Air Pocket Swing Fulcrum Swing
Grapple Charge Grapple Kick
Bind Through Wire Driver
Heavenly Fall Heavenly Drop
Other Cyclone Cyclone Driver
Cerberus Dance Cerberus Dance


JP Translated NA Official
Bandersnatch Bandersnatch
Sacred Skewer Sacred Skewer
Speed Rain Sudden Tempest
Slide Shaker Whirlwind Sweep
Rising Flag Impact Rise
Zenith Throw Zenith Throw
Trick Rave Rave Drop
Slide End Decisive Sweep
Assault Buster Assault Buster

Twin Dagger

JP Translated NA Official
Raging Waltz Raging Waltz
Bloody Sarabande Sarabande Shredder
Symphonic Drive Symphonic Driver
Ooorchestraaa Orchestral Conductor
Quick March Juggle March
Wild Rhapsody Wild Rhapsody
Dark Scherzo Dark Scherzo
Scar Fugue Terror Fugue

Double Saber

JP Translated NA Official
Tornado Dance Tornado Dance
Acro Effect Acroblitz
Rumbling Moon Rumbling Moon
Scissor Edge Scissor Slash
Fake Capture Lure Strike
Deadly Archer Turbine Toss


JP Translated NA Official
Straight Charge Overhand Straight
Flash Thousand Burst Infinity
Heartless Impact Advancing Charge
Pendulum Roll Pendulum Combo
Slide Uppercut Sliding Uppercut
Backhand Smash Decimator

Dual Blade

JP Translated NA Official
Distraction Wing Dash Wing
Kestrel Rampage Kestrel Rampage
Starling Fall Starling Fall
Justice Crow Justice Crow
Dispersion Shrike Disperser Shrike


JP Translated NA Official
Ein Raketen Rayblade Shot
Aiming Shot Aimed Fire
Serpent Air Writhing Serpent
Rage Dance Rage Dance
Tri-Impact Tri-Impact


JP Translated NA Official
Tsukimi-sazanka Nocturnal Blossom
Gekka-zakuro Lunar Flourishing
Kanran-kikyou Thriving Bellflower
Hien-tsubaki Soaring Camellia
Asagiri-rendan Morning Mistreaver
Shunka-shunran Spring Flowerstorm
Kazan-nadeshiko Volcanic Carnation
Guren-tessen Flash of the Lotus
Sakura-endo Cherry Blossom Finale
Fudou-kuchinashi Unspoken Barbarity

Assault Rifle

JP Translated NA Official
Piercing Shot Piercing Round
End Attract Positron Blast
Parallel Slider Slideburst
Sneak Shooter Stealth Shot
One Point Steady Shot
Glorious Rain Skyfire Salvo
Impact Slider Impact Slider


JP Translated NA Official
Divine Launcher Divine Launcher
Crazy Smash Wild Wallop
Rodeo Drive Rocket Rodeo
Flame Bullet Flame Round

Twin Machineguns

JP Translated NA Official
Aerial Shooting Aerial Fire
Infinite Fire Infinite Storm
Elder Rebellion True Equilibrium
Heel Stab Heel Stab
Bullet Squall Bullet Hall
Messiah Time Chronolapse
 ??? Contact Blast

Compound Bow

JP Translated NA Official
Master Shot Master Shot
Tritt Shooter Kickshot Combo
Sharp Bomber Strike Bomber
Gravity Point Gravitic Vortex
Kamikaze Arrow Kamikaze Arrow
Banish Arrow Banishing Arrow
Final Nemesis Final Nemesis

Jet Boots

JP Translated NA Official
Strike Gust Strike Gust
Gran Wave Grand Wave
Moment Gale Surging Gale
Vinto Gigue Jetsweep Kick


JP Translated NA Official
Foie Foie
Barta Barta
Zonde Zonde
Megid Megid
Resta Resta
Anti Anti
Sazonde Sazonde