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Migrating between PSO2 Classic and PSO2 New Genesis

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Want to know what you can bring from Phantasy Star Online 2 Classic (PSO2 Classic) to Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis (PSO2:NGS)? This is the page for you!

Accessing both games

How do you select what game to play?

When selecting your character on the Character Select screen, a menu will appear which will allow to you sign into PSO2:NGS or PSO2.

Is it possible to switch to the other game without signing out?

In PSO2:NGS, interact with a Ryuker Device, enter the block selection menu, then select the option at the top of the block list to switch to PSO2 Classic.

In PSO2 Classic, interact with a Block Transporter in the lobby, and the option to switch to PSO2:NGS will appear at the top of the block list.

Is a separate download required to play PSO2 New Genesis?

PSO2:NGS will be downloaded by default. For new installations, the PSO2 Classic "optional data files" will be downloaded automatically while playing PSO2:NGS unless you disable the download in the launcher options.

To play PSO2 Classic, you must have these "optional data files" downloaded first.

Item pack

How many slots does the PSO2:NGS Item Pack have?

By default, the PSO2:NGS Item Pack has 100 slots.

Can I access my PSO2 Classic Item Pack from PSO2:NGS?

You can! By visiting a Storage Terminal or interacting with a Ryuker Device, you can access your PSO2 Classic Item Pack from PSO2:NGS.

PSO2:NGS also shares the same Storage as PSO2 Classic.


How does the rarity of equipment convert?

While in PSO2:NGS, the rarity of weapons and units will change, as well as the equip requirements.

Rarity in PSO2 Classic Rarity in PSO2:NGS
1* ~ 6* 1*hs
7* ~ 12* 2*
13* ~ 14* 3*
15* 4*

How will Potentials and Affixes change?

Potentials and Affixes on PSO2 Classic weapons will change while in PSO2:NGS. A list of known Potentials can be found here, and a list of known Affixes can be found here.

Does PSO2:NGS still have Rear, Arm and Leg units?

No, all units are treated as Sub units, including those from PSO2 Classic. This means any unit can be put in any of the three available unit slots.


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