{{Weapon |JapaneseName=ユニオンTマシンガン |Rarity=13 |StatsRequirement=740 |StatsType=R-ATK |WeaponType=Twin Machine Guns |Classes=Gunner; Hero |Potential=Heavenly Blessing: Light Wings |NtWeapon=NT |SATKNT=0 |SATK35=0 |RATKNT=1123 |RATK35=1516 |TATKNT=0 |TATK35=0 |WeaponDescription=Machineguns developed as the latest model. Augmented with boost parts, their performance exceeds their limits. |WeaponDropInfo=*Zieg (Ray Series Upgrade) ([[Ray Twin Machineguns] x1, Union Booster x5) |WeaponAdditionalInfo=* When a [[Ray Twin Machineguns] is used as a trade component for the Union Twin Machineun, the resulting trade retains the Grind Level, Attribute, Potential Level, and Special Abilities of the sacrificed weapon. }}