Emergency Quests happen at random times in specific areas of the fields. Upon interacting with the Quest Terminal for the Emergency Quest, your party will enter an instanced area for the Emergency Quest along with any other players matched with.

Editor note: these machine translations of the EQ name and description are a bit dodgy. Please properly translate them.

Northern Aerio - Alto Lani Plateau

Subdue the Controlled DOLLS (統制型ドールズ討伐戦)

"Emergency Alert: We have detected the energy signal of powerful DOLLS in the Aerio Region. All ARKS Members, please prepare to sortie. (For players with a Power Level of 950 or higher)"

— Advance Announcement

"Notice to all ARKS Members: We will begin the campaign to repel the DOLLS that have appeared in the Aerio Region. All ARKS are requested to participate in this mission. (For players with a Power Level of 950 or higher)"

— Ready Announcement
Player Limit Required Power Objective Clear Limit
8 Players 950 Defeat the Controlled DOLLS! 1
Detail Entry
Trial Name Defeat Pedas Vera
Clear Condition Defeat the target enemy
Fail Condition 30:00 time limit
Rewards 1 Ability Capsule (NGS) C/Guard Ⅰ (C/ガードⅠ) ×1
2000 Meseta
Description We've detected strong space-time distortions on the Alto Lani Plateau in Northern Aerio.
Based on similar data in the past, the Pedas Vera, is expected to appear.
All ARKS members should head to the area & defeat this enemy as soon as possible.