Luster is a Successor class.

Properties of Luster

Class Weapon Overview

Lusters use the Gunslash Gunslash weapon class. For Photon Art descriptions, see Luster Photon Arts.


A hybrid handgun/blade weapon that is usable by all Classes. Unlike other Classes, the Luster is capable of pushing the Gunslash to the absolute limits of its power, transforming it into a weapon that combines speed, finesse, and raw strength into one. Luster's Gunslash is capable of balancing two types of Photon Arts, the Move Arts and Stay Arts, to control the battlefield, and based on the Element of their weapon, is capable of accessing Styles that augment their playstyle and attributes to fit any situation. Beginner Lusters can also access the unique Smart PA feature to streamline combat, promoting ease of access and versatility.


  • Fomel Style: An offense-oriented style that appears with the powers of Fire or Dark Gunslashes. Fomel Style features an aggressive approach to combat by boosting the damage and Voltage gain of both Move Arts and Stay Arts Enhance Combos, giving its users an enormous berth of options. Consuming Luster Gunslash Gear summons units to its user's side that fly toward enemies during PAs and inflict Jellen on impact. Its Evade Shoot special ability consumes Gear to assault foes with a flurry of stabs before rushing forward, dealing massive damage to enemies in their path.
  • Zandi Style: A mobility-oriented style that appears with the powers of Wind or Lightning Gunslashes. Zandi Style prioritizes speed and flexibility by enhancing the action speed of Move Arts, allowing its users to stay in motion no matter the situation and give their foes the run-around without compromising power. By using Luster Gunslash Gear, the user can also summon a vacuum that pulls enemies to its center and stuns them. Its Evade Shoot special ability consumes Gear to strike foes around the user with a bolt of lightning to inflict heavy damage.
  • Baran Style: A defense-oriented style that appears with the powers of Ice or Light Gunslashes. Baran Style maximizes longevity in combat by boosting the range and increasing the Guard Points of Stay Arts without compromising offensive pressure. Using Luster Gunslash Gear summons an energy field that deals damage to enemies in its path and inflicts Bind. Its Evade Shoot special ability consumes Gear to charge up and fire an immensely powerful gunshot.
  • Style Purge: A special style that appears when the user has a Gunslash with no attribute or uses the Style Purge skill. While Style Purge boasts no special properties, holding down Weapon Action allows its user to assail a foe with a barrage of gunfire, consuming Gear in the process.


  • To be added (e.g. Enhance Arts).

Skill Tree Overview

Luster GS Gear Step Jump First Blood Air Reversal J Reversal JA Combo Next Jump
Luster Will High Level Bonus Lu Step JA Combo
Luster Time Sub Luster GS Boost Rule Out Weapon Resist Gunslash Ability Plus Luster Mag Step
Luster Voltage Tech Arts JA Multi Bonus Killing Restorate Deband Disorder Step Roll Advance
Voltage Bonus Voltage Reset Heal Tech Arts PP High Save Amplified Assist Shifta Gauge Boost Step Attack
High Voltage Voltage Heat Up All Attack Bonus Lu Lu Weapon Bonus 1 Lu Weapon Bonus 2 Just Reversal
Non-element Complete Rest
Zandi Style Fomel Style Baran Style
Zandi Shoot Enhance Zandi Attack Enhance Fomel Shoot Enhance Fomel Attack Enhance Baran Shoot Enhance Baran Attack Advance
Move Arts V. Boost Zandi Dodge Advance Enhance Arts V. Boost Fomel JA Advance Stay Arts V. Boost Baran JG Advance
Stay Arts Slash Rise Luster Step Slide Luster Counter Extra Attack Quick Slash
Enhance Combo Slash Fall Step Slide Advance Luster Step Guard Purge Style Quick Shoot
HP Up PP Up All ATK Up All DEF Up


Sub Luster GS Boost

Sub Class only. Boost damage when using a Gunslash. Effect varies based on the corresponding Main Class.

Main Class Striking Multi Ranged Multi Total Striking* Total Ranged*
Hunter 140% 145% 251% 226%
Fighter 110% 115% 197% 179%
Ranger 250% 110% 448% 172%
Gunner 160% 130% 286% 203%
Force 250% 240% 448% 374%
Techer 190% 185% 340% 288%
Braver 190% 185% 340% 288%
Bouncer 180% 170% 322% 265%
Summoner 155% 150% 277% 234%
  • "Total" values include All Attack Bonus, High Voltage, and High Level Bonus.