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Gathering is a mechanic introduced in EPISODE 4. This mechanic allows you to collect items from Free Fields that enable you to craft unique gear, including Skill Rings and Cuisine.


Gathering is a system by which you can farm, in the literal sense of the term, unique items from Free Fields that can only be obtained through this method. These include Rocks, Gemstones, and Fish, which can then be used at Shops in Franka's Cafe to create new equipment and consumables.

How To Gather

To Gather, one must travel to any Free Field and locate a Gathering Point. Gathering Points come in two varieties: Mining Points and Fishing Points. Mining Points allow you to gain various Minerals and vegetables and fruits, while Fishing Points allow you to acquire various kinds of wildlife. Once you have found a Gathering Point, you may interact with it, at which point a menu will appear at the top left, with a list of Gathering Achievements next to it. From this menu, you can select which kind of Pickaxe or Rod to use, then proceed to Gather. Mining occurs automatically, while Fishing requires interacting again to reel in your catch; getting a Just Timing catch gives you a better chance at getting a good item. Each Point has a capacity of 3 draws; once you have exhausted a Point, it will disappear.


Gathering is metered by a Stamina system, which is displayed on the Start Menu below your Character overview. You have 100 Stamina of both Mining and Fishing Gauges. When you Mine or Fish, 10 Stamina is consumed from the respective Gauge, regardless of what quality tool you use to perform the action. When you are out of Stamina, you can no longer perform that type of Gathering. Stamina recharges at a rate of 1 point every 3 minutes; an empty Stamina gauge will recharge after 5 hours. Stamina will also refill by gaining a Gathering Level Up and by spending Star Gems, or recharged manually by using Stamina Drinks.


When you begin any Gathering action, you will start a Combo. This is displayed at the top right of the screen, with a timer; if one full minute passes without performing another Gathering action, the Combo will expire. Every time you perform a Gathering action, the Combo counter increments by 1. Exhausting a Point will also raise the Combo by an additional +2 or +3 Combo. As your Combo rises, you have a chance of starting a Fever. When a Fever occurs, the occurrence rate of rare items greatly increases and all Points will gain temporary infinite draws, enabling access to the same Point more than three times. Fishing will also dispense three items for every one round of Fishing. Fever typically has a 1 minute timer, but as your Gathering Level rises, the timer will extend for more seconds, enabling longer Fevers. At the end of any Combo or Fever, you will gain EXP relative to the Combo value when your Combo/Fever expired.


Mining allows you to find Rocks, Gemstones, and vegetation from a variety of fields. Mining uses Pickaxes to Gather.

Mining Consumables

Icon Item Obtain Effect
Example Pickaxe Default Always available. No special effects.
Example Good Pickaxe Mining Achievement
Login Bonus
Campaign Reward
Treasure Shop
Casino Coin Shop
Battle Coin Shop
Battle Scratch
Title Reward
Rare Drop Rate +5%
Example Super Pickaxe AC Shop Rare Drop Rate +100%
Example Famitsu Pickaxe Gavas Ticket Exchange Rare Drop Rate +80%. Expired.
Mining Stamina Drink 20 Battle Coin Shop
Treasure Shop
Restores Mining Stamina by 20.
Mining Stamina Drink 50 ARKS Bingo
Title Reward
Sofia (Client Order)
Restores Mining Stamina by 50.
Mining Stamina Drink AC Shop Restores Mining Stamina by 100.

Mining Items

Rarity Image Name Item Limit Planet Area Description
7 UIItemNaberiusRock.png Naberius Rock
Naberius Any
7 UIItemAmdusciaRock.png Amduscia Rock
Amduscia Any
7 UIItemLillipaRock.png Lillipa Rock
Lillipa Any
7 UIItemWopalRock.png Wopal Rock
Wopal Any
7 UIItemEarthRock.png Earth Rock
Earth Any
7 UIItemHarkotanRock.png Harkotan Rock
Harkotan Any
Rarity Image Name Item Limit Planet Area Description
8 UIItemEmerald.png Forest Emerald
Naberius Forest
8 UIItemAmber.png Tundra Amber
Naberius Tundra
8 UIItemAmethyst.png Ruins Amethyst
Naberius Ruins
8 UIItemGarnet.png Volcanic Garnet
Amduscia V. Caverns
8 UIItemFluorite.png Skyscape Fluorite
Amduscia Skyscape
8 UIItemZircon.png Sanctum Zircon
Amduscia Sanctum
8 UIItemTopaz.png Desert Topaz
Lillipa Desert
8 UIItemPeridot.png Sub Tunnels Peridot
Lillipa Sub Tunnels
8 UIItemLapisLazuli.png Quarry Lapis Lazuli
Lillipa Quarry
8 UIItemSapphire.png Coast Sapphire
Wopal Coast
8 UIItemSapphire.png Seabed Tanzanite
Wopal Seabed
8 UIItemTourmaline.png Facility Tourmaline
Wopal Facility
8 UIItemMoonstone.png Shironia Moonstone
Harukotan Shironia
8 UIItemHematite.png Kuron Hematite
Harukotan Kuron
8 UIItemOpal.png Tokyo Opal
Earth Tokyo
8 UIItemDiamond.png Las Vegas Diamond
Earth Vegas

Skill Rings

See the Skill Rings page for more info.


Fishing allows you to fish up some unique creatures, as well as some not-so-unique artifacts, to create Cuisines.

Fishing Consumables

Fishing Items