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  • Fire as an element is mostly about getting out big damage, and quickly, to a group of enemies.
    • Fire heavily relies on the force skill tree's Flame Tech S Charge for reduced charge time. Average to below average in power and pp efficiency in comparison to other elements otherwise.
      • Fire forces typically emphasize having more PP to compensate for the short charge times draining PP very fast, which allows them to have their very high dps for longer.
    • It's most similar to its techer tree counterpart Wind. But this is primarily in them both having good general utility. Their strengths are otherwise quite different.
  • The most commonly used damaging techs are Gifoie, Foie, and Rafoie. They cover most of the situations you would want to use fire. Safoie, while less common, can be put to good use too.
  • Shifta is a very helpful technique, as it gives you more attack. Things dying faster means you are relatively safer.
  • Fire, as its name should imply, causes the burn status effect. Enemies inflicted with it will take a percent of their max health every few seconds.
    • This effect can spread to other nearby enemies as well (and should you be burned, you can also inflict a person in your group with it as well).
    • The effect is similar to poison. Poison tends to have slower ticks and lasts a bit longer. Each tick does more damage compared to fire too. Poison cannot be spread to other enemies/allies though.


Name Description
Basic fire technique. Converts photons into a fireball.
Drop Table Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17
Common Drop: Force Req. T-ATK 96 100 150 210 240 288 308 324 332 374 394 402 430 440 455 470 485
Power (%) 433 438 443 448 453 458 463 468 473 478 483 488 493 498 503 508 513
Status (%) 18 19 20
PP Cost 20
Video Accuracy (%) 100%
Link Charge 1.00
  • If you graze enemies with the edge of the projectile, the projectile will continue onward until the center hits something or the projectile reaches its maximum distance.
    • The "graze" is actually rather generous. If you're free-aiming the projectile, you can typically just jump up a bit and aim straight ahead to hit most smaller targets in a line.
  • Max projectile distance is about 50M charged, 40M uncharged.
    • 50M is similar to your max lock on distance coincidentally.
    • Compared to other projectiles, such as Megid, Foie has a fixed maximum distance.
Craft type Merit Demerit Special
Blazing 1 Power +60~90% PP Cost +3~10 Speed +4.00
2 Power +130~160% PP Cost +2~9 Speed +6.00
3 Power +150~190% Burn Rate -18~10% Speed +8.00
Efficient 1 PP Cost -10~1 Distance -20~10m
2 PP Cost -11~2 Distance -25~12m
3 PP Cost -12~3 Distance -26~13m


  • As you have other options if you really need to burn a target, the demerit for blazing3 is mostly a nonissue.
  • With Blazing3 and Foie17, damage is increased by 20.9~26.5%.
  • The max distance does not change. The projectile disappears at similar distances for charged and uncharged.
    • I estimate the projectile is about 20% faster with blazing3.


  • The decreased PP cost is excellent in allowing you to have some longevity in extended fights. Especially with a good craft.
  • The decreased projectile range is a slight issue, but then you have Rafoie if you really need to hit something at longer ranges.
  • Going by the approximate projectile range/distance, Efficient3 decreases max projectile range by a little over 25-50%


Name Description
Intermediate fire technique. Spurs a chained ignition of photons, engulfing your surroundings in flames.
Drop Table Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17
Common Drop: Force Req. T-ATK 96 100 150 210 240 288 308 324 332 374 394 402 430 440 455 470 485
Power (%) 554 560 566 572 578 584 590 596 602 608 614 620 626 632 638 644 650
Status (%) 18 19 20
PP Cost 23
Video Accuracy (%) 100%
Link Charge 1.00 Sec
  • When charged, 34% damage per hit, up to 3 hits per cast. So total damage is actually 102% of the listed power.
  • Very good with a talis. Covers a wide area from a distance. Far riskier with a rod if things get a chance to retaliate.
  • Like almost all created fields, you cannot change the angle of attack. It will always have the same orientation.
  • Prioritizes hitting weakpoints, especially if cast at a similar height to the weakpoint.
  • Since it has a long animation, you can start casting it at a spot before a mob appears to have them start taking damage immediately.
    • Each cast doesn't cancel out the other. Casting multiple times in succession helps build the damage rate.
Craft type Merit Demerit Special
Concentrated 1 Charge time -0.40~0.20s Burn rate -20~10%
2 Charge time -0.45~0.25s Burn Rate -25~15%
3 Charge time -0.45~0.35s Burn Rate -18~10%
Blazing 1 Power +20~40% PP +3~10
2 Power +60~120% PP +2~9 Burn Rate +5%
3 Power +120~150% Burn Rate -20~10%


  • The charge time reduction is applied to the original cast time before flame s charge is in place. With a -0.40s craft, the charge time is effectively 0.3s.
  • Makes it easier to use with zondeel and/or talis. The shorter charge time allows you to cast more before zondeel or the talis disappear.
  • Be aware of the even larger drain on your PP though.


  • With Blazing3 and Gifoie17, damage increases by 18.5~23.1%
    • Concentrated3 does wins out slightly in the DPS department. This is far more PP efficient however.


Name Description
Intermediate fire technique. Concentrates photons to detonate at will, blowing up the targeted area.
Drop Table Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17
Common Drop: Force Req. T-ATK 96 100 150 210 240 288 308 324 332 374 394 402 430 440 455 470 485
Power (%) 345 349 353 357 361 365 369 373 377 381 385 389 393 397 401 405 409
Status (%) 18% 19% 20%
PP Cost 20
Video Accuracy (%) 100
Link Charge 0.5 Sec
  • Uncharged does 33% of the listed power, charged is as listed.
  • Has infinite range if you free aim it and it has something to hit. You can hit something from across an open map (like in TD/MBDs). Also hits targets behind a wall if you are locked onto it
    • That lets you bypass impenetrable shields too, for enemies that may have something like that.
    • With no valid target, Rafoie's range is about 30M. Uncharged is half this.
  • If you kill an enemy and another spawns right after in the same position, rafoie may still hit the freshly spawned mob if it spawns quickly enough.
Craft type Merit Demerit Special
Blazing 1 Power +10~30% Charge Time +0.30~0.70s
2 Power +50~80% Charge Time +0.20~0.60s Burn Rate +5%
3 Power +70~110% Burn Rate -18~10% Charge Time -0.05s
Wide 1 Range +1.00~1.50m PP +1~6 Burn Rate +15%
2 Range +1.30~1.80m PP +1~6 Burn Rate +15%
3 Range +1.50~2.00m Power -30~10% Burn Rate +15%


  • The reduced burn rate of Blazing3 is a nonissue as a fire force, since most things you target should long dead before burn can do any reasonable amount of damage.
  • With Blazing3 and Rafoie17, increases your damage by approximately 17.1~26.9% per cast.
  • The charge time reduction is applied before the force tree skill fire tech charge.


  • Wide3 is useful for a loose pack of mobs and very likely will cause a burn. This can be good for enemies with higher amounts of HP.
    • If you do use it for status, using it with Psycho Wand's weaponoid potential Potential.png Ultimate Calamity gives it a 55% chance to cause a burn. If nobody else hits a group of enemies, enemies hit by this will very likely target you, which should make it easier to use higher damaging techniques once they're closer.
  • The reduced power and slightly longer charge time compared to Blazing3 makes this less useful as a fire force, since it lowers rafoie's effective dps by quite a lot. If you are not a fire force, this may be better to take than Blazing3. You have other options for unlimited range damage (Sazan, Razan, and Grants being the most notable)


Name Description
Intermediate fire technique. Channels photons in an interference pattern to generate a wide arching wave of fire.
Drop Table Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17
Burn Draal Req. T-ATK 96 100 150 210 240 288 308 324 332 374 394 402 430 440 455 470 485
Power (%) 560 567 574 581 588 595 602 609 616 623 630 637 644 651 658 665 672
Status (%) 20% 21% 22%
PP Cost 20
Video Accuracy (%) 100%
Link Charge 1.00 Sec
  • 1 hit uncharged. 3 hits charged.
    • Each hit does 34% of the listed power when charged.
      • The status effect rate is similar; 34% of the listed status effect rate per hit.
  • Doesn't have much range, both horizontally and vertically. Much like Gibarta or any technique that creates a field, you also cannot adjust the angle of it unless it's cast from a different height.
    • For a more specific range, the charged range is about 8m, which is half of Gibarta's charged range. (Should be exact, but target hitboxes can alter this a bit.)
    • Unlike Gibarta however, using it with a talis does allow you to change the angle of the attack if you're locked on with a talis.
    • The lack of angle correction can make it easier to hit certain weak parts that don't have lockon otherwise. One example is De Malmoth's back.
  • Contrary to its animation, the hits all come simultaneously out in a small field in front of you.
  • Safoie is most useful in similar scenarios to where you might use Gifoie, but need more immediate damage after the cast. Both do similar damage per cast. Safoie costs a bit less PP too.
Craft type Merit Demerit Special
Efficient 1 PP Cost -10~1 Range -2.00~1.00m
2 PP Cost -10~1 Range -1.80~0.80m
3 PP Cost -10~2 Range -1.60~0.60m
Blazing 1 Power +20~40% PP +3~10
2 Power +60~120% PP +2~9 Burn Rate +5%
3 Power +70~130% Burn Rate -20~10%


  • Efficient3 would make this your best power-per-PP fire tech.
  • The decreased range isn't helpful for safoie's already short range. With good talis aiming though, this can effectively give you more longevity (/better bossing capabilities) with fire.
    • If you're primarily rod and an aggressive target is chasing you, this will give you something to fight it with over a longer period of time while still maintaining reasonable damage. Assuming you are a force and have Flame Tech S Charge. Theoretically at least (aggressive mobs may dance around you just outside its usable range, such as Zeta Guranz).
    • Based on the tested range, the range decreases by 7.5~20% for Efficient3.


  • As the burn rate wasn't that high per hit to begin with, the decreased burn rate of Blazing3 is a nonissue. Effectively all around better compared to the uncrafted version.
  • Blazing2's burn rate increase can be nice, but you have other techs that can burn far better. A PP cost increase isn't helpful either.
  • With Blazing3 and Safoie17, damage is increased by approximately 10.4~19.3%.

Safoie Type 0

Name Stat +1 +10 +16 +17 Charge Obtain List Description Video
UITechSaFoie.png Power
 ?  ?  ? 673%
0.8s Dash forward circled by flames. A ring of fire erupts around you at the end, concentrated at your front. (Unofficial description)
Craft type Merit Demerit Special
Type 0 Power +0~67% PP +0~10
  • Upon reaching an enemy, you will stop.
  • If you are targeting or locked on to an enemy and another blocks your path, you will be stopped.
  • If you are targeting or locked on to an enemy, you can move vertically. This is the only tech that allows you to move vertically.
    • Free aim/ 3rd person mode does not allow you to move vertically.
  • You have super armor during the movement part of the tech.(?)
  • You do 25% of the listed power during the dash, and 3-4 hits of 25% listed power at the end.
    • The hits from the "nova" seem to cover 180 degrees of where you're facing at the end of the dash.
    • The 5th hit seems to occur if it does travel some distance (about 3/4ths its full length) then comes to a stop. One or two from the dash, three or four from the explosion. Not sure if you actually need to stop or if another hit occurs at roughly that distance.
  • The force skill Talis tech bonus does not apply.
  • Compared to Ilzonde, the dash distance is inferior. The length of time you're in the dash is about the same though, assuming full distance.
    • Specifically, Ilzonde is exactly 17.75M charged, 12.75M uncharged. Safoie Type 0 is exactly 15M charged, very close to 10.75M uncharged
      • For further reference, rough testing says 100M takes about 9 seconds to traverse while at full run speed.


Name Description
Advanced fire technique. Shoot a condensed ball of fire which causes flames to arise from the area of impact.
Drop Table Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17
Bal Strahda Req. T-ATK 96 100 150 210 240 288 308 324 332 374 394 402 430 440 455 470 485
Power (%) 644 652 660 668 676 684 692 700 708 716 724 732 740 748 756 764 772
Status (%) 18 19 20
PP Cost 35
Video Accuracy (%) 100
Link Charge 1.00 Sec
  • The projectile travels in a somewhat slow arc/parabola shape to its destination.
    • If used with a thrown talis however, the projectile simply drops straight down.
  • Hitting a target does one powerful hit. If the projectile hits the ground, it causes a small field of fire to erupt and do hits of minor damage.
    • This behavior is the same charged or uncharged. The charged projectile is slightly larger and the field lasts longer.
    • Specifically, hitting a target directly with the projectile does the listed power. The field created by a charged nafoie does 5 hits of 13% listed power over a duration of about 3 seconds. Uncharged, it's 50% of the listed power for a direct hit, and 2 hits of about 6% listed power over about 1 second.
  • The max horizontal distance of the projectile is roughly 30M. Same max distance charged or uncharged. The projectile is alive for approximately 1.5s.
    • The fire field is approximately 10M in length for both charged and uncharged; the width is a fan/cone shape.
Craft type Merit Demerit Special
Blazing 1 Power +120~150% PP +3~10
2 Power +160~200% PP +2~9
3 Power +160~200% Burn Rate -18~6%
Concentrated 1 Charge time -0.40~-0.10s Burn Rate -30~10%
2 Charge time -0.45~-0.15s Burn Rate -30~10%
3 Charge time -0.45~-0.25s Burn Rate -18~6%


  • With Blazing3 and Nafoie17, damage is increased by 13.0~16.2%.
  • The burn rate isn't that high to begin with compared to some craft options you have with fire.


  • This would theoretically allow Nafoie to be the highest single target dps fire technique with a good craft. However, the base PP cost will leave you struggling to maintain it, even with Ketos Proi or PP Convert. Doesn't even mention potential issues with regard to the projectile/field outright missing the intended target.
    • A good craft of Ragrants would equal or outdo Nafoie too, unless the target is fire weak and there is no skill points in Light Mastery. For less PP.
  • As with Blazing3, there's no real downside here either.


Name Description
Advanced fire technique. Drops a massive fireball on the target which explodes on impact.
Drop Table Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17
SH Advance Quest: Volcano Req. T-ATK 96 100 150 210 240 288 308 324 332 374 394 402 430 440 455 470 485
Power (%) 1465 1482 1499 1516 1533 1550 1567 1584 1601 1618 1635 1652 1669 1686 1703 1720 1737
Status (%) 18 19 20
PP Cost 50
Video Accuracy (%) 100
Link Charge 3.00 Sec
  • Power is as listed for charged, 40% for uncharged. The range of the impact itself is a bit smaller than the circle of the animation while charging.
  • Locks you in place as it charges.
  • Approximately 1.5s delayed impact after casting.
    • Use free aim to aim ahead of a target that may be moving. Still has a max cast range of 30m though, charged or uncharged.
  • The explosion does linger for a bit, like Rafoie does. You can hit multiple spawning enemies with it.
  • If used with a talis, you cannot aim it. Ilfoie will drop where the talis is set.
  • Knocks down monsters that can be knocked down.
  • Is obstructed by any wall that may be between you and your target.
  • Can be useful in VHAQs for leveling. With a group that's subbed Fo and has the ketos proi PB, you can group up at the exit to limit spawns to a single location and gain lots of exp in short time repeatedly casting this at one spot.
    • Not much merit outside of that for anything it cannot one-shot.
      • That said, it can be a reasonably powerful opener for a group of mobs. It does high damage after all and has decent impact range.
  • With the release of Zonde Type 0, Ilfoie is inferior for anything outside of single hit situations. Not only does Zonde Type 0 charge faster than Ilfoie despite Flame Tech S charge, it has more power, costs less PP, and has slightly less impact delay. All it doesn't have is one big hit (and slightly larger hit radius compared to the type 0 if I'm not mistaken).
  • If you switch weapons before Ilfoie's projectile actually hits/ makes impact, it will not do anything. Except waste PP. This is true of any technique that has delayed damage or lingers.
Craft type Merit Demerit Special
Efficient 1 PP -13~3 Power -500~300%
2 PP -15~5 Power -470~270%
3 PP -17~7 Power -440~240%
Concentrated 1 Charge time -0.60~-0.20s Power -400~200%
2 Charge time -0.70~-0.30s Power -380~180%
3 Charge time -0.80~-0.40s Power -350~150%


  • Up to 17 less PP is a lot. A power decrease of 13.8~25.3% is also a lot.
  • Even with flame tech s charge, the charge time is still 1.5s. Coupled with a power decrease, it loses in DPS to other fire techniques like Gifoie outright.


  • While this sounds good, taken with flame tech s charge, the charge time decrease is effectively only half the listed value. This means that with the best possible craft, it's still going to take 1.1s to charge as a fire force.
  • This doesn't mention the power decrease of 8.6~20.1%. Even with a perfect craft (best merit/demerit), the effective DPS is still worse than Gifoie, let alone Safoie. Not to mention PP efficiency.
    • A good craft then could increase Ilfoie's effective DPS by a small amount, but other options simply do DPS better and more reliably.
      • The previously mentioned Zonde Type 0 would still outright beat Ilfoie in DPS.


Name Description
Basic fire technique. Generates an offensive active field.
Drop Table Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17
Apos Dorios
Red Containers
EC Reward
Req. T-ATK 96 100 150 210 240 288 308 324 332 374 394 402 430 440 455 470 485
Power (%) 180 181 182 183 184 185 186 187 188 189 190 191 192 193 194 195 196
Status (%) -
PP Cost 20
Video Accuracy (%) 100%
Link Charge 1.00 Sec
  • Default max duration is 1 minute without the related techer skill or upcoming ring, where it's then 3 minutes.
  • Gain 15 seconds per pulse/tick by default, 45 seconds per pulse/tick with the related techer main skill.
  • Boosts your base attack by 10% of the stated amount (at level 17, it's 19.7%).
    • "Base attack" is attack from your skill trees, main/subclass level, title rewards, and your MAG.
    • If you have shifta advance from the techer tree maxed, level 17 shifta boosts your base attack by 1.25 * 19.7% = 24.625%
  • Fire element mastery from force skill tree does not boost shifta's power.
  • This does increase AIS damage output
    • Moreso if a techer uses their buffs.
    • Doesn't affect stationary turrets however.
  • The best properties of all shiftas used are taken into account. If your shifta is weaker, using your shifta will increase the timer before shifta expires. This means that even if your shifta is worse or better in some parts, using multiple shiftas will keep the strongest properties on you. If a techer hits you with a completely maxed shifta (level 17, maxed crit, maxed shifta advance, maxed main class skill), you can keep it indefinitely by refreshing/increasing the duration with your shifta.
  • Like most other support techniques, casting any support technique that isn't Zondeel prematurely stops the field's effects, despite the animation still playing.
  • Base shifta range is approximately 1.5m uncharged, 6m charged.
    • With the Techer skill Territory Burst, range is approximate 3m uncharged, 10m charged. Coupled with the main class techer skill Wide Support, range is 5m uncharged, 13m charged (An uncharged Ilzonde is just inside that range).
      • All these values are shared for at least Deband and Resta.
Craft type Merit Demerit Special
Multi 1 Hit interval -0.30s PP +5~15 (Max charged hits +1)
2 Hit interval -0.30s PP +1~11 (Max charged hits +1)
3 Hit interval -0.30s PP +1~10 Range +1.00m
(Max charged hits +1)
Concentrated 1 Charge time -0.40~-0.10s PP +3~10
2 Charge time -0.45~-0.15s PP +2~9
3 Charge time -0.45~-0.15s PP +2~8 Range +2.00m


  • The extra hit allows you to max your buff's timer more easily. The time does run down as each hit is given.
  • The extra PP can be counteracted with techer's territory pp save skill.
    • If using the jet boots PA Strike Gust's shift action (through main class bouncer or the all class equipment originating from pso2es), the extra PP does not matter, since the skill itself has its own PP cost, and the shift action doesn't cost any PP.
  • Uncharged still only hits twice, but more quickly.
  • The added range of Multi3 is straight addition to the values given above.


  • Charge time reduction is calculated before any percentages (from Flame Tech S charge or equipment)(?) For example, if you have the mentioned skill maxed and have a craft that reduces charge time by 0.4s, (1-.4s) * .5 = 0.3s.
  • Level 3's increased range helps cover more ground.
    • I haven't personally tested this craft, but going by how Multi3 adds 1M to each tested value, the same can be assumed here with the 2m range increase.
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