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General Information

Special Ability Factors (SAF) are properties exclusive only to New Type (NT) Weapons. They are unlocked by grinding the New Type Weapon until +35, meaning obtaining them requires multiple copies of that weapon until it reaches the Overlimit of 35. While this sounds tedious and wasteful, the SAF is a guaranteed 100% success on adding Abilities which is extremely helpful for difficult and expensive Abilities like Modulator.

Mechanics and Behavior

  • The Special Ability Factors (SAFs) are unlocked by grinding a New Type Weapon to +35; certain weapons or weapon series have different Special Ability Factors.
  • The weapon fodder needs to have the same or higher number of abilities in order for it to be used as a component.
  • While SAFs are a guaranteed 100%, it still follows penalties when upslotting.
  • The SAF can be applied as many times as you can, so long as the +35 Weapon is present (e.g the base weapon).
  • When applying SAF into a preaffixed weapon, the SAF doesn't interact with the pre-existing Abilities. Say you have a weapon affixed with Shoot III, applying a weapon with a Shoot III SAF would not give Shoot IV.
  • SAFs, once placed act as normal Abilities. Thus follow their respective transfer rate.
  • "Sentence" and "Phrase" abilities need Ability Sentence Receptor and Ability Phrase Receptor, respectively, to transfer them. The respective receptor is not needed if "Sentence" or "Phrase" is being affixed through SAFs.
  • Certain SAFs can't be placed together. (e.g "Phrase" SAFs).

SAFs of the OT to NT Conversion

A material conversion placed during the July 5, 2017 update allowed the evolution of some Old-Type 13* Weapons to their upgraded New-Type counterparts. Should the Old-type 13* weapon to be converted, the New-Type upgrade would have an Overlimit of 35 and the SAF readily unlocked. In addition to this, if the Old-Type weapon to be converted is already grinded to +5 with a Level 3 Potential, the resulting NT Weapon will be grinded to +35.

General Ability Factors Table

Stat Boosts

JP Name EN Name Effects Weapon Sources
Ability パワーⅢ Ability Power III S-ATK +30 10 Sword Dio Ardillo-NT
10 Wired Lance Dio Jagriath-NT
10 Partizan Dio Raizenolk-NT
Ability パワーⅣ Ability Power IV S-ATK +35 12 Sword Nox Kvelle-NT
12 Sword Keen Cycler-NT
12 Wired Lance Nox Jiraku-NT
12 Wired Lance Mark Curio-NT
12 Wired Lance Rezar Coleto
12 Partizan Nox Rozan-NT
12 Partizan Kaiser Falx-NT
Ability パワーⅤ Ability Power V S-ATK +40 13 Sword Momijihime-NT
13 Wired Lance Seiga Shield
13 Wired Lance Ranma-NT
13 Partizan Seiga Javelin
13 Partizan Akidachi-NT
13 Twin Daggers Hihikane-NT
13 Double Saber Seiga Blade
13 Double Saber Sourenge-NT
13 Knuckles Shishigami-NT
13 Katana Kazanou-NT
13 Dual Blades Raku Shusui-NT
13 Bullet Bow Seiga Archer
Ability パワーVI Ability Power VI S-ATK +45 13 Sword Seikaiser Sword
14 Sword Dim Sword
15 Sword Austere Calibur-NT
15 Sword Dyne Hespera
13 Wired Lance Seikaiser Shield
14 Wired Lance Dim Lance
15 Wired Lance Austere Wing-NT
13 Partizan Seikaiser Javelin
14 Partizan Dim Partizan
15 Partizan Austere Spear-NT
13 Twin Daggers S. CN Arbor Stag
14 Twin Daggers Dim Twin Daggers
15 Twin Daggers Austere Fencer-NT
13 Double Saber Seikaiser Blade
14 Double Saber Dim Double Saber
15 Double Saber Austere Edge-NT
13 Knuckles Glycina Vidya
14 Knuckles Dim Knuckles
15 Knuckles Austere Fist-NT
13 Katana HFB Kamaitachi Letz
14 Katana Dim Katana
15 Katana Austere Galland-NT
13 Dual Blades SC.N Arbor Mantis
14 Dual Blades Dim Dual Blade
15 Dual Blades Austere Savior-NT
15 Dual Blades Serpen Blazes
Ability シュートⅢ Ability Shoot III R-ATK +30 10 Assault Rifle Dio Tigredor-NT
10 Launcher Dio Ridultiv-NT
10 Twin Machineguns Dio Radiegle-NT
Ability シュートⅣ Ability Shoot IV R-ATK +35 12 Assault Rifle Nox Shooteyr-NT
12 Assault Rifle Zonepheed-NT
12 Launcher Nox Crahd-NT
12 Launcher Volt Hauser-NT
12 Twin Machineguns Nox Chario-NT
12 Twin Machineguns Eagle Flint-NT
12 Twin Machineguns Historica
Ability シュートⅤ Ability Shoot V R-ATK +40 13 Dual Blades S.CN Mantis
13 Gunslash Mercenary Schwarz
13 Gunslash Chuushuumaru-NT
13 Assault Rifle Valkyrie A30
13 Assault Rifle Koureki Tsutsu-NT
13 Launcher Ikariboshi Hou-NT
13 Twin Machineguns Shiranuiboshi-NT
13 Bullet Bow Tenkawa Ichii-NT
Ability シュートⅥ Ability Shoot VI R-ATK +45 13 Gunslash Mercenary Starlord
14 Gunslash Dim Slash
15 Gunslash Austere Buster-NT
13 Assault Rifle Valkyrie A30S
14 Assault Rifle Dim Rifle
15 Assault Rifle Austere Shooter-NT
15 Assault Rifle Yasminkov 5000S
13 Launcher Seikaiser Launcher
14 Launcher Dim Launcher
15 Launcher Austere Cannon-NT
15 Launcher Combat Cannon
13 Twin Machineguns Valkyrie R25S
14 Twin Machineguns Dim Twin Machinegun
15 Twin Machineguns Austere Rain-NT
15 Twin Machineguns Dyne Ombros
13 Bullet Bow Seikaiser Archer
14 Bullet Bow Dim Bow
15 Bullet Bow Austere Bogen-NT
Ability テクニックⅢ Ability Technique III T-ATK +30 10 Rod Dio Garland-NT
10 Wand Dio Cless Digger-NT
10 Talis Dio Visburn-NT
Ability テクニックⅣ Ability Technique IV T-ATK +35 12 Rod Pumpkin Rod-NT
12 Rod Nox Lipher-NT
12 Rod Vasetail-NT
12 Wand Valzounam-NT
12 Wand Nox Qucross-NT
12 Talis Gift Sack-NT
12 Talis Nox Krieg-NT
12 Talis Serenescheros-NT
12 Talis Aigle Coleto
Ability テクニックⅤ Ability Technique V T-ATK +40 13 Knuckles Quotz Vidya
13 Rod Quotz Laura
13 Rod Koi Houou-NT
13 Talis Ki Fujibakama-NT
13 Wand Mugetsu Ounusa-NT
13 Jet Boots Yuukari Watashi-NT
Ability テクニックⅥ Ability Technique VI T-ATK +45 13 Rod Glycina Laura
14 Rod Dim Rod
15 Rod Austere Sorcerer-NT
13 Talis Glycina Lithos
14 Talis Dim Talis
15 Talis Austere Arm-NT
15 Talis Dyne Affectus
13 Wand Glycina Cane
14 Wand Dim Wand
15 Wand Austere Axe-NT
13 Jet Boots Glycina Keyless
14 Jet Boots Dim Jet Boots
15 Jet Boots Austere Slider-NT
15 Jet Boots Serpen Blenzer
Ability アームⅢ Ability Arm III DEX +30 10 Twin Daggers Dio Legzaga-NT
10 Gunslash Dio Jareid-NT
Ability アームⅣ Ability Arm IV DEX +35 12 Twin Daggers Nox Nesis-NT
12 Twin Daggers Sever Schild-NT
12 Gunslash Nox Schdyx-NT
12 Gunslash Licasnesia-NT
Ability ボディⅢ Ability Body III S-DEF +30 1 2 3 Sword Wired Lance Partizan Knuckles Katana Dual Blades
Ability リアクトⅢ Ability React III R-DEF +30 1 2 3 Twin Daggers Gunslash Assault Rifle Launcher Twin Machineguns Bullet Bow
Ability マインドⅢ Ability Mind III T-DEF +30 1 2 3 Double Saber Rod Wand Talis Jet Boots
Ability アビリティⅢ Ability Ability III ALL +15 11 Sword Sharp Cycler-NT
11 Wired Lance Full Curio-NT
11 Partizan Knight Falx-NT
11 Twin Daggers Split Schild-NT
11 Double Saber Xerc-NT
11 Knuckles Strike Brute-NT
11 Katana Kongou-NT
11 Dual Blades Ciel Rishell-NT
11 Gunslash Lufnesia-NT
11 Assault Rifle Cheripheed-NT
11 Launcher Charge Hauser-NT
11 Twin Machineguns Falco Flint-NT
11 Bullet Bow Hard Recurce-NT
11 Rod Overtail-NT
11 Wand Rentaunam-NT
11 Talis Premicheros-NT
11 Jet Boots Rondakrus-NT
Ability アビリティⅣ Ability Ability IV ALL +20 14 Sword Akatsuki
14 Sword Demonia Saber
14 Sword Elder Pain Omega
14 Wired Lance Quelle Glitter
14 Partizan Gilde Girola
14 Twin Daggers Bran Absolute
14 Twin Daggers Daggers of Djibril
14 Double Saber Quelle Scarlette
14 Double Saber Lug Sarola
14 Knuckles Gear Experience
14 Knuckles Powerful Blow
14 Katana Kazami-no-tachi
14 Katana Cursed Slayer Gaen
14 Dual Blades Jupiter Tullus
14 Dual Blades Reaver Garola
14 Dual Blades Twin Crea Saber
14 Gunslash Bringer's Rifle
14 Assault Rifle Spread Needle
14 Assault Rifle Vante Weihen
14 Assault Rifle Exacrimav
14 Launcher Yasminkov 4000FJ
14 Launcher Exium Bunker
14 Twin Machineguns Quelle Windea
14 Twin Machineguns Demonia Blaster
14 Twin Machineguns Dual Bird
14 Bullet Bow Radius Arca
14 Rod Eternal Psycho Drive
14 Rod Quelle Neigea
14 Talis Demonia Feather
14 Talis Motav Grimoire
14 Wand Lavis Cannon
14 Wand Uransara
14 Jet Boots Gilles Weihen
14 Jet Boots Boots of Djibril
Ability アビリティⅤ Ability Ability V ALL +30 15 Million series
15 Krisa series
Ability スタミナⅢ Ability Stamina III HP +50 10 Double Saber Dio Failnaught-NT
10 Katana Dio Salizania-NT
10 Bullet Bow Dio Tigrebow-NT
Ability スタミナⅣ Ability Stamina IV HP +60 12 Double Saber Nox Cadina-NT
12 Double Saber Gliserc-NT
12 Katana Nox Jefus-NT
12 Katana Kurotsuchi Kongou-NT
12 Katana Agiri
12 Bullet Bow Nox Lexio-NT
12 Bullet Bow Solid Recurve-NT
12 Bullet Bow Baren Coleto
Ability スタミナⅤ Ability Stamina V HP +70 13 Knuckles Phantom Ship Artillery
13 Twin Machineguns Phantom Triple Cannon
13 Rod Phantom Radar
Ability スタミナⅥ Ability Stamina VI HP +80 15 Wired Lance Genon Ziva
15 Twin Daggers Genon Zaffira
15 Double Saber Ultimate Chain
15 Bullet Bow Genon Ain
Ability スピリタⅢ Ability Spirita III PP +4 10 Knuckles Dio Bieteger-NT
10 Dual Blades Dio Adelaide-NT
10 Jet Boots Dio Lezaswift-NT
Ability スピリタⅣ Ability Spirita IV PP +5 12 Knuckles Nox Destime-NT
12 Knuckles Break Brute-NT
12 Dual Blades Nox Dinas-NT
12 Dual Blades Sol Rishell-NT
12 Dual Blades Rektora
12 Jet Boots Nox Placis-NT
12 Jet Boots Felkrus-NT
12 Jet Boots Ecreos
Ability スピリタⅤ Ability Spirita V PP +6 13 Sword D-A.I.S Saber
13 Assault Rifle D-A.I.S Vulcan
13 Launcher D-A.I.S Blaster
Ability スピリタⅥ Ability Spirita VI PP +7 13 Sword Altacray
15 Sword Oblisana Wuft
15 Launcher Oblisana Fuerza
13 Twin Machineguns Alta Barrel
13 Talis Alta Feina
15 Talis Oblisana Waltz
13 Slave-NT Series
15 Resonant Series

Stat Boosts (Special)

JP Name EN Name Effect Weapon Source
Ability モデュレイター Ability Modulator S-ATK +30
R-ATK +30
T-ATK +30
13 Wired Lance Flow Razor
13 Partizan Bloodspear Vlad Bram
13 Partizan Grandia
13 Dual Blades Astral Blaze
13 Assault Rifle Raygun Barrel
13 Launcher Yasminkov 4000F
13 Launcher L&K38 Combat
13 Detonation Series
13 Clawdem Series
13 Allure Series
13 Chalyra Series
Ability ミューテーションⅠ Ability Mutation I Increases specific
synthetic probability.
S-ATK +10
R-ATK +10
T-ATK +10
HP +10
7 8 9 Weapons
Ability ミューテーションⅡ Ability Mutation II Increases specific
synthetic probability.
S-ATK +15
R-ATK +15
T-ATK +15
HP +15
13 Wired Lance Let's Go Shiny
13 Partizan Luna Mitsutsuki
13 Twin Daggers White Dinner
13 Katana Sky Shine
13 Dual Blades Philodemos
13 Bullet Bow Native Shepard
13 Jet Boots Hyper Sunlight
13 Jet Boots Jet Washer
Ability ウィンクルム Ability Vinculum S-ATK +20
R-ATK +20
T-ATK +20
13 Sword Welk Radome
13 Launcher Welk Nacell
13 Wand Welk Rudder
13 Jet Boots Welk Airelon
Ability スティグマ Ability Stigma DEX +20
PP +5
13 Wired Lance Keimostross
13 Dual Blades Gale Febris
13 Knuckles Thunder Bite Tagamikouga
13 Katana Thunder Crack Tagamikouga
13 Assault Rifle Secfalse
13 Twin Machineguns Thunder Gun Tagamikouga
13 Twin Machineguns Monarchadis
13 Bullet Bow Glay Jadaq
13 Rod Alumisuist
13 Wand Stradanis
13 Jet Boots Thunder Claw Tagamikouga
13 Jet Boots Resangrips
Ability アルター・アルマ Ability Alter Arma S-ATK +20
HP +30
11 Sword Daisy Chain-NT
11 Wired Lance Glorious Wing-NT
11 Partizan Trident Crusher-NT
11 Dual Blades Grand Cross-NT
Ability アルター・ティロ Ability Alter Tiro R-ATK +20
HP +30
11 Assault Rifle Infinite Corundum-NT
11 Launcher Final Impact-NT
Ability アルター・マギア Ability Alter Magia T-ATK +20
HP +30
11 Rod Rabbit Wand-NT
11 Talis Dream Master-NT
Ability フリクト・アルマ Ability Flict Arma S-ATK +20
PP +3
11 Twin Daggers Sacrifice Darker-NT
11 Double Saber Absolute Blade-NT
11 Knuckles Weisse Komet-NT
11 Katana Sange-NT
Ability フリクト・ティロ Ability Flict Tiro R-ATK +20
PP +3
11 Gunslash Mech Katar-NT
11 Twin Machineguns Missouri M13-NT
11 Bullet Bow Southern Cross-NT
Ability フリクト・マギア Ability Flict Magia T-ATK +20
PP +3
11 Wand Precious Balmung-NT
11 Jet Boots Blade Stabilizer-NT
Ability ドゥームブレイクⅠ Ability Doom Break I ATK +15
PP +2
13 Aura Series
13 Ceres Series
Ability ドゥームブレイクⅠⅠ Ability Doom Break II ATK +25
PP +3
14 Ceres Zara Series
Ability ドゥームブレイクⅠⅠⅠ Ability Doom Break III ATK +30
PP +4
15 Orb Series
Ability スピリタ・アルファ Ability Spirita Alpha DEX +30
PP +3
13 Sword Coat Edge Ver2
13 Wired Lance Razrail Ver2
13 Partizan Lambda P. Lumeria Ver2
13 Twin Daggers Oboro Ver2
13 Double Saber Quartz Calibur Ver2
13 Knuckles Fretal Ver2
13 Katana Dio Sigalga Ver2
13 Dual Blades Yoi Ver2
13 Gunslash Sarhaling Ver2
13 Assault Rifle Strauss Ver2
13 Launcher Goodbye Fire Ver2
13 Twin Machineguns Lambda Sarcueid ver2
13 Bullet Bow Lambda Bigglow Ver2
13 Rod Haze Processor Ver2
13 Talis Blue Crane Ver2
13 Wand Haku Senjou Ver2
13 Jet Boots El Ario Ver2
Ability センテンス・パワー Ability Sentence Power S-ATK +20
PP +4
13 Sword Gix Zangulum
14 Sword Phobos Espadio
13 Wired Lance Gix Gilminadu
14 Wired Lance Phobos Scycard
13 Partizan Gix Jinraodu
14 Partizan Phobos Halberd
13 Twin Daggers Gix Jhikdrenn
14 Twin Daggers Phobos Dillabrony
13 Double Saber Gix Zelvran
14 Double Saber Phobos Elex
13 Knuckles Gix Disanga
14 Knuckles Phobos Weidt
13 Katana Gix Bascht
14 Katana Phobos Jinran
13 Dual Blades Gix Khutriv
14 Dual Blades Phobos Reaper
Ability センテンス・シュート Ability Sentence Shoot R-ATK +20
PP +4
13 Gunslash Gix Granas
13 Assault Rifle Gix Shadoke
14 Assault Rifle Phobos Laqueus
13 Launcher Gix Verata
14 Launcher Phobos Launcher
13 Twin Machineguns Gix Kafir
14 Twin Machineguns Phobos Grauzam
13 Bullet Bow Gix Viset
14 Bullet Bow Phobos Arcus
Ability センテンス・テクニック Ability Sentence Tech T-ATK +20
PP +4
13 Rod Gix Jeud
14 Rod Phobos Soleil
13 Talis Gix Ernoe
14 Talis Phobos Judix
13 Wand Gix Renan
14 Wand Phobos Corsair
13 Jet Boots Gix Karina
14 Jet Boots Phobos Ignore
Ability センテンス・トリプル Ability Sentence Triple S-ATK +30
R-ATK +30
T-ATK +30
13 Zeinesis Series
13 Qliphad Series
15 Novel Series
Special Ability センテンス・アルマ Special Ability Sentence Arma S-ATK +20
HP +20
PP +3
13 Sword Evleda Hander
13 Sword Cleasis Hander
13 Sword Schvelle Hander
13 Wired Lance Evleda Haddat
13 Wired Lance Cleasis Haddat
13 Wired Lance Schvelle Haddat
13 Partizan Evleda Rangia
13 Partizan Cleasis Rangia
13 Partizan Schvelle Rangia
13 Twin Daggers Evleda Janbiya
13 Twin Daggers Cleasis Janbiya
13 Twin Daggers Schvelle Janbiya
13 Double Saber Evleda Kijal
13 Double Saber Cleasis Kijal
13 Double Saber Schvelle Kijal
13 Knuckles Evleda Sadi
13 Knuckles Cleasis Sadi
13 Knuckles Schvelle Sadi
13 Katana Evleda Bazera
13 Katana Cleasis Bazera
13 Katana Schvelle Bazera
13 Dual Blades Evleda Battadia
13 Dual Blades Cleasis Battadia
13 Dual Blades Schvelle Battadia
Special Ability センテンス・ティロ Special Ability Sentence Tiro R-ATK +20
HP +20
PP +3
13 Gunslash Evleda Buechse
13 Gunslash Cleasis Buechse
13 Gunslash Schvelle Buechse
13 Assault Rifle Evleda Tradir
13 Assault Rifle Cleasis Tradir
13 Assault Rifle Schvelle Tradir
13 Launcher Evleda Calvin
13 Launcher Cleasis Calvin
13 Launcher Schvelle Calvin
13 Twin Machineguns Evleda Dinares
13 Twin Machineguns Cleasis Dinares
13 Twin Machineguns Schvelle Dinares
13 Bullet Bow Evleda Gender
13 Bullet Bow Cleasis Gender
13 Bullet Bow Schvelle Gender
Special Ability センテンス・マギア Special Ability Sentence Magia T-ATK +20
HP +20
PP +3
13 Rod Evleda Medina
13 Rod Cleasis Medina
13 Rod Schvelle Medina
13 Talis Evleda Phossele
13 Talis Cleasis Phossele
13 Talis Schvelle Phossele
13 Wand Evleda Karinza
13 Wand Cleasis Karinza
13 Wand Schvelle Karinza
13 Jet Boots Evleda Serbs
13 Jet Boots Cleasis Serbs
13 Jet Boots Schvelle Serbs


JP Name EN Name Effect Weapon Source
Ability ブロウレジストⅢ Ability Blow Resist III Strike Resistance +5 4 5 6 Sword Wired Lance Partizan Knuckles Katana Dual Blades
Ability ショットレジストⅢ Ability Shot Resist III Range Resistance +5 4 5 6 Twin Daggers Gunslash Assault Rifle Launcher Twin Machineguns Bullet Bow
Ability マインドレジストⅢ Ability Mind Resist III Tech Resistance +5 4 5 6 Rod Wand Talis Jet Boots
Ability オルレジストⅢ Ability All Resist III All Resistances +3 13 Nemesis-NT Series

Status Abilities

JP Name EN Name Effect Weapon Source
Ability バーンⅢ Ability Burn III バーンLv.3を付与する 10 Sword Dragon Slayer-NT
10 Sword Crusade Lore-NT
10 Gunslash Emperor Axeon-NT
10 Gunslash Cardesa-NT
10 Assault Rifle Holy Ray-NT
10 Assault Rifle Arao Cylinder-NT
Ability バーンⅤ Ability Burn V バーンLv.5を付与する 13 Sword Sword Revolucio
13 Gunslash Slash Revolucio
13 Assault Rifle Shot Revolucio
Ability フリーズⅢ Ability Freeze III フリーズLv.3を付与する 10 Wired Lance Diabolic Gauntlet-NT
10 Wired Lance Heretic End-NT
10 Launcher Inferno Bazooka-NT
10 Launcher Agni Bazooka-NT
Ability フリーズⅤ Ability Freeze V フリーズLv.5を付与する 13 Wired Lance Lance Revolucio
13 Launcher Cannon Revolucio
Ability ショックⅢ Ability Shock III ショックLv.3を付与する 10 Twin Daggers Floating Edges-NT
10 Twin Daggers Iblis Blood-NT
10 Dual Blades Niren Agito-NT
10 Dual Blades Kadolph-NT
10 Rod Divine Amaterasu-NT
10 Rod Rulyra-NT
Ability ショックⅤ Ability Shock V ショックLv.5を付与する 13 Twin Daggers Thrust Revolucio
13 Dual Blades Blade Revolucio
13 Rod Shaft Revolucio
Ability ミラージュⅢ Ability Mirage III ミラージュLv.3を付与する 10 Partizan Gekitsnata-NT
10 Partizan Fleutiazel-NT
10 Twin Machineguns Pandora Extreme-NT
10 Twin Machineguns Bran Mirrors-NT
10 Jet Boots Gain Scrapper-NT
10 Jet Boots Hakobenhayase-NT
Ability ミラージュⅤ Ability Mirage V ミラージュLv.5を付与する 13 Partizan Spear Revolucio
13 Twin Machineguns Bullet Revolucio
13 Jet Boots Shoes Revolucio
Ability ポイズンⅢ Ability Poison III ポイズンLv.3を付与する 10 Knuckles Fighting Beat-NT
10 Knuckles Pao Nerian-NT
10 Bullet Bow Bowgency-NT
10 Bullet Bow Susano Hiki-NT
10 Wand Evil Curst-NT
10 Wand Stina-NT
Ability ポイズンⅤ Ability Poison V ポイズンLv.5を付与する 13 Knuckles Spike Revolucio
13 Bullet Bow Arch Revolucio
13 Wand Edge Revolicio
Ability パニックⅢ Ability Panic III パニックLv.3を付与する 10 Double Saber Jinrai-NT
10 Double Saber Langritter-NT
10 Katana Kenei-NT
10 Katana Beuray Obs-NT
10 Talis Gadianna-NT
10 Talis Brauluft-NT
Ability パニックⅤ Ability Panic V パニックLv.5を付与する 13 Double Saber Storm Revolucio
13 Katana Saika Revolucio
13 Talis Card Revolucio

Monster Souls

JP Name EN Name Effect Weapon Source
Ability ダークネス・ソール Ability Darkness Soul All +15
HP +15
PP +2
13 Invade-NT Series
Ability デッドリオン・ソール Ability Deadleon Soul S-ATK+35
13 Wand Deadlio Gridder
Ability グリュゾラス・ソール Ability Greuzoras Soul R-ATK+35
13 Jet Boots Greuzoras Shosul
Ability ドゥバルス・ソール Ability Duvals Soul T-ATK+35
13 Wired Lance Box Dobule
13 Knuckles Box Dobareos
Ability アストラル・ソール Ability Astral Soul All+35
13 Ray Series
13 Union Series
15 Partizan Corrupted Spear Epitemia
15 Launcher Corrupted Launcher Tishia
Ability アクト・ジ・ソール Ability Act The Soul S-ATK+35
13 Partizan Titan Stinger
13 Knuckles Titan Smasher
13 Dual Blades Titan Blazer
Ability ティル・ジ・ソール Ability Till The Soul R-ATK+35
13 Launcher Stelk Yato
13 Twin Machineguns Stelk Shooteyr
13 Bullet Bow Stelk Isera
Ability マギー・ジ・ソール Ability Magi The Soul T-ATK+35
13 Rod Form Zapper
13 Wand Form Scythe
13 Jet Boots Form Greaves

S-Class Special Ability

JP Name EN Name Effect Weapon Source
S-Class S1:光子縮減 S-Class S1:Photon Reduction Reduce PP consumption by 7%. 13 Assault Rifle Val Drache
14 Assault Rifle Aletheia Sphera
13 Launcher Val Volare
13 Twin Machineguns Val Radda
S-Class S1:光子縮減2 S-Class S1:Photon Reduction 2 Reduce PP consumption by 10%. 15 Assault Rifle Satellite Starmine
S-Class S1:剛撃の志 S-Class S1:Offensive Intent Increase damage by 2%. 13 Gunslash Val Ars
S-Class S1:滅域輝与 S-Class S1:Brilliant Ruin Recover PP when an enemy near you is defeated. 13 Strategeo Series
S-Class S1:依属の志 S-Class S1:Sturdy Intent Increase damage by 4% if your weapon's element or equipped Guard Ring match the enemy's elemental weakness. 14 Jet Boots Zirenheit-NT
S-Class S1:幻精の志 S-Class S1:Phantasmal Intent Increase Power based on the Photon Blast Gauge. 14 Sword Ares Sword-NT
14 Wired Lance Ares Lance-NT
14 Partizan Ares Partizan-NT
14 Gunslash Ares Buster-NT
14 Jet Boots Ares Boots-NT
S-Class S1:打撃増幅 S-Class S1:Strike Boost Increase Power by 1% for every 60 S-ATK affixed to this weapon.
Increase Power by an additional 2% if at least 200 S-ATK is affixed to this weapon.
15 Sword Lightstream Dimenxion
15 Wired Lance Lightstream Alluxion
15 Partizan Lightstream Adoraxion
15 Twin Daggers Lightstream Obsessxion
15 Double Saber Lightstream Resurrecxion
15 Knuckles Lightstream Asserxion
15 Katana Lightstream Floraxion
15 Dual Blades Lightstream Creaxion
S-Class S1:射撃増幅 S-Class S1:Shoot Boost Increase Power by 1% for every 60 R-ATK affixed to this weapon.
Increase Power by an additional 2% if at least 200 R-ATK is affixed to this weapon.
15 Gunslash Lightstream Intenxion
15 Assault Rifle Lightstream Ambixion
15 Launcher Lightstream Vacillaxion
15 Twin Machineguns Lightstream Execuxion
15 Bullet Bow Lightstream Obligaxion
S-Class S1:法撃増幅 S-Class S1:Tech Boost Increase Power by 1% for every 60 T-ATK affixed to this weapon.
Increase Power by an additional 2% if at least 200 T-ATK is affixed to this weapon.
15 Rod Lightstream Salvaxion
15 Talis Lightstream Oraxion
15 Wand Lightstream Aspiraxion
15 Jet Boots Lightstream Bendixion
S-Class S2:妙技の巧 S-Class S2:Wise Skill Increase Critical Hit Rate by 12%. 13 Twin Daggers Val Roke
13 Double Saber Val Vire
13 Knuckles Val Body
14 Knuckles Aletheia Legan
S-Class S2:輝剰の撃 S-Class S2:Radiant Strike Increase Attack PP Recovery by 17%. 13 Katana Val Varua
13 Dual Blades Val Slecht
13 Bullet Bow Val Agria
13 Jet Boots Val Exocet
S-Class S2:守護の備 S-Class S2:Guardian Armor Reduces damage taken by 7% 13 Tactio Series
S-Class S2:妙撃の志 S-Class S2:Skilled Strike Increase Critical Hit Damage by 3%. 13 Rod Vades Zapper
13 Wand Vades Scythe
13 Jet Boots Vades Greaves
S-Class S2:裂砕の志 S-Class S2:Rupturing Intent Increase damage against breakable parts by 3%. 13 Jutus Series
14 Lumiere Series
S-Class S2:強闘の志 S-Class S2:Powering Intent Increase damage dealt to bosses by 3%. 13 Mars Series
14 Awake Series
S-Class S2:瞬乱縮減 S-Class S2:Instant Reduction Reduces PP consumption by 12% when Just Attacking different PAs or Techniques. 13 Sword Acht Anzhi
13 Double Saber Acht Lian
13 Assault Rifle Acht Ien
13 Wand Acht Coure
S-Class S2:服薬の恵 S-Class S2:Medicinal Wisdom Restore PP upon consuming a Mate-type item. Effect varies based on the item consumed. 13 Wired Lance Glorious Parfait
13 Twin Daggers Chocolat Du Kuchen
13 Gunslash Azucar Drop
13 Talis Muffisucre
S-Class S2:幻精輝剰 S-Class S2:Phantasmal Radiance Increase Active PP Recovery based on the Photon Blast Gauge. 14 Assault Rifle Ares Rifle-NT
14 Launcher Ares Launcher-NT
14 Twin Machineguns Ares Machine Gun-NT
S-Class S2:幻精輝勢 S-Class S2:Phantasmal Gleam Increase Natural PP Recovery based on the Photon Blast Gauge. 14 Rod Ares Rod-NT
14 Talis Ares Talis-NT
14 Wand Ares Wand-NT
S-Class S2:幻精の備 S-Class S2:Phantasmal Guardian Reduce damage taken based on the Photon Blast Gauge. 14 Twin Daggers Ares Kaiser-NT
14 Knuckles Ares Edge-NT
14 Double Saber Ares Nest-NT
S-Class S2:轟雷の備志 S-Class S2:Lightning Guard Increase Lightning Attribute and Shock Resistance. Increase damage against enemies weak to Lightning. 14 Partizan RA Stinger
S-Class S2:瞬護の与 S-Class S2:Aegis Gift Successfully performing a Just Guard while below 25% HP recovers 50% HP and 30% PP. 15 Jet Boots Neo Cabliss
S-Class S3:時流活与 S-Class S3:Flowing Exhilaration Restore 40% of your maximum HP at regular intervals. 13 Sword Val Farder
14 Sword Aletheia Lamina
13 Wired Lance Val Weiss
13 Partizan Val Vict
14 Partizan Aletheia Lancer
S-Class S3:輝勢の恵 S-Class S3:Radiating Grace Increases Automatic PP Recovery by 17%. 13 Rod Val Zemus
13 Talis Val Retra
13 Wand Val Eyth
S-Class S3:守護の備 S-Class S3:Guardian Armor Reduces damage taken by 7%. 13 Partizan Calamity Stinger
13 Knuckles Calamity Smasher
13 Dual Blades Calamity Blazer
13 Launcher Tridia Yato
13 Twin Machineguns Tridia Shooter
13 Bullet Bow Tridia Isera
S-Class S3:猛威の奮激 S-Class S3:Furious Inspiration Increase damage and PP recovery. Reduce PP consumption. Effect resets when damage is taken. 13 Dia Series
S-Class S3:幻精縮減 S-Class S3:Phantasmal Reduction Reduce PP consumption based on the Photon Blast Gauge. 14 Katana Ares Ryuuga-NT
14 Dual Blades Ares Blade-NT
14 Bullet Bow Ares Bow-NT
S-Class S3:瞬撃繚乱 S-Class S3:Immediate Profusion Raises damage by 3% when Just Attacking different PAs or Techniques. 14 Twin Daggers Appress Grudge Omega
S-Class S3:活実の志 S-Class S3:Vital Intent Boosts damage by 3% while HP is 80% or more. 15 Anacates Series
S-Class S4:瞬護輝与 S-Class S4:Marvelous Aegis Restore PP after a successful Just Guard. 14 Sword Atlas Farder
15 Sword Atlas Farder Ex
S-Class S4:鋼の決意 S-Class S4:Steel Resolve Survive a fatal attack with 1 HP. Does not activate if HP is at 1. Activates once per Quest. 14 Wired Lance Atlas Weiss
15 Sword Atlas Weiss Ex
S-Class S4:輝器応変 S-Class S4:Radiant Response Increase PP efficiency based on maximum PP. 14 Partizan Atlas Vict
15 Partizan Atlas Vict
S-Class S4:正対の巧 S-Class S4:Opposing Skill While in Brave Stance, increase frontal Critical Hit Rate by 30%. 14 Twin Daggers Atlas Roke
15 Twin Daggers Atlas Roke Ex
S-Class S4:鎌風重吹 S-Class S4:Scything Wind Increase Kamaitachi duration by 4 seconds. 14 Double Saber Atlas Vire
15 Double Saber Atlas Vire Ex
S-Class S4:賢勇両撃 S-Class S4:Cunning Strike While in Wise Stance, increase frontal damage by 15%. 14 Knuckles Atlas Body
15 Knuckles Atlas Body Ex
S-Class S4:奪命の撃 S-Class S4:Vampiric Strike When attacking, restore 1% of damage dealt as HP (30 HP MAX). 14 Gunslash Atlas Ars
15 Gunslash Atlas Ars Ex
S-Class S4:刃機放縮 S-Class S4:Gear Reduction Decrease rate of Gear Gauge depletion while Katana Gear is active. 14 Katana Atlas Varua
15 Katana Atlas Varua Ex
S-Class S4:変素応輪 S-Class S4:Genesis Ring The active Element of the Weapon changes to that of the currently equipped "Guard" Skill Ring. 14 Dual Blades Atlas Slecht
15 Dual Blades Atlas Slecht Ex
S-Class S4:静の胆力 S-Class S4:Steadfast Courage After standing still for a certain period of time, gain resistance to knockback and stagger. 14 Assault Rifle Atlas Drache
15 Assault Rifle Atlas Drache Ex
S-Class S4:輝剰の罠 S-Class S4:Lustrous Trap Increase PP regenerated by Tactics Trap by 20%. 14 Launcher Atlas Volare
15 Launcher Atlas Volare Ex
S-Class S4:鎖動強身 S-Class S4:Dynamic Chain When Chain Trigger is activated, gain invincibility for 5 seconds. 14 Twin Machineguns Atlas Radda
15 Twin Machineguns Atlas Radda Ex
S-Class S4:迅弓の撃 S-Class S4:Rapid-fire Arrow When in Rapid Shoot, increase damage by 3% when equipped with a Bullet Bow. 14 Bullet Bow Atlas Agria
15 Bullet Bow Atlas Agria Ex
S-Class S4:摂理洗練 S-Class S4:Refined Providence Increase the potency of Element Conversion. 14 Rod Atlas Zemus
15 Rod Atlas Zemus Ex
S-Class S4:回路輪転 S-Class S4:Circuit Rotation Decrease the Recast Time of Photon Flare by 20%. 14 Talis Atlas Retra
15 Talis Atlas Retra Ex
S-Class S4:短杖強打 S-Class S4:Wand Clobber Improves the Performance of Wand normal attacks. 14 Wand Atlas Eyth
15 Wand Atlas Eyth Ex
S-Class S4:支援限長 S-Class S4:Support Extension The maximum duration of Shifta and Deband becomes 120 seconds. 14 Jet Boots Atlas Exocet
15 Jet Boots Atlas Exocet Ex


JP Name EN Name Effect Weapon Source
Ability オメガバスター Ability Omega Buster Boost damage against
Demons by 3%
13 Sword Golem Bluffs
13 Sword Golem Graphol
13 Wired Lance Bomber Golem Barn
13 Wired Lance Bomber Golem Stead
13 Partizan Omegalf Zaire
13 Partizan Wolfoie Zaire
13 Twin Daggers Goblin Bomber Delma
13 Twin Daggers Goblin Bomber Cozier
13 Double Saber Orgus Fury
13 Double Saber Orgus Medio
13 Knuckles Savage Cavalier
13 Knuckles Valledia Cavalier
13 Katana Cortado Grancerer
13 Katana Telos Grancerer
13 Dual Blades Salamandia Rubrum
13 Dual Blades Salamandia Galanos
13 Gunslash Skuzirath Skull
13 Gunslash Regaloyakut Skull
13 Assault Rifle Goblin Bomber Peel
13 Assault Rifle Goblin Bomber Decade
13 Launcher Orc Addica
13 Launcher Orc Hearted
13 Twin Machineguns Salamandia Tolst
13 Twin Machineguns Salamandia Callus
13 Bullet Bow Vulfekurse Skull
13 Bullet Bow Trist Skull
13 Rod Grande Foiecerer
13 Rod Caravel Foiecerer
13 Talis Wrislenithe Megidcerer
13 Talis Slomarch Megidcerer
13 Wand Orc Body Shard
13 Wand Orc Golpedio
13 Jet Boots Omegalf Dephase
13 Jet Boots Wolfoie Ediphase
Ability ソールレセプター Ability Soul Receptor Significantly increases Soul
success rate during affixing.
13 Sword Lightning Espada-NT
13 Partizan Bluesy Requiem-NT
13 Twin Daggers Twin Kamui-NT
13 Twin Daggers Lavis Blade-NT
13 Twin Daggers Ark Flan-NT
13 Katana Yamigarasu-NT
13 Katana Yasha-NT
13 Assault Rifle Avenger-NT
13 Assault Rifle Yasminkov 7000V-NT
13 Twin Machineguns H10 Missouri T-NT
13 Bullet Bow Rikauteri-NT
Ability エクストレセプター Ability Extreceptor Significantly increases Flict,
Alter and certain IV, V abilities
success rate during affixing.
13 Arion Series
13 Raete Series
Ability ファクターレセプター Ability Factor Receptor Significantly increases Factor
success rate during affixing.
13 Dominacio Series
Ability アナザーヒストリー Ability Another History Experience Gained +10% 13 Sword Huge Cutter
13 Partizan Imperial Pick-NT
13 Partizan Laia Axe
13 Twin Daggers Daggers of Serafi-NT
13 Double Saber Meteor Cudgel-NT
13 Double Saber Crea Doubles
13 Double Saber Vivienne
13 Knuckles God Hand-NT
13 Dual Blades Millioblight-NT
13 Assault Rifle Astral Riser-NT
13 Rod Weddle Park-NT
13 Rod Clarita Visas-NT
13 Rod Viedima
Ability ペルソナ・レヴリー Ability Persona Reverie S-ATK +40
R-ATK +40
T-ATK +40
S-DEF -20
R-DEF -20
T-DEF -20
15 Sword Chaval Eubelle
15 Wand Chaval Melm
Ability ソール・カタリスト Ability Soul Catalyst HP+10
14 Twin Machineguns Lamia Sergam
Ability ファクター・カタリス Ability Factor Catalyst HP+10
14 Wired Lance Lamia Slider
Ability レヴリー・カタリスト Ability Reverie Catalyst HP+10
13 Profound Series
14 Celestial Series
14 Wand Lamia Dolan
Ability フレイズ・ウィーク Ability Phrase Weak Increase damage by 2%
when hitting enemy
Elemental Weakness.
13 Fornis Series
13 Homura Series
14 Shien Series
14 Guren Series
Ability フレイズ・レスポンス Ability Phrase Response ATK PP Recovery
boosted by 5%.
13 Astra Series
Ability フレイズ・レスポンス Ability Phrase Recovery PP Recovery Rate
boosted by 5%.
13 Wired Lance Reinier Orbit
13 Partizan Saguz Orbit
13 Twin Daggers Tryvin Orbit
13 Double Saber Roguele Orbit
13 Katana Agil Orbit
13 Gunslash Atol Orbit
13 Assault Rifle Skvarl Orbit
13 Rod Sigulia Orbit
13 Jet Boots Sholidu Orbit
14 Mirage Series
Ability フレイズ・チェイス Ability Phrase Chase Increases damage by 5% against
enemies with Status Effects.
13 Sword Sekka Tsubaki
13 Wired Lance Yukinagi
13 Partizan Tsuraraka
13 Twin Daggers Toujin
13 Double Saber Sou Souka
13 Knuckles Katen Rou
13 Katana Kazehana
13 Dual Blades Zansetsu
13 Gunslash Ite Shigure
13 Assault Rifle Hyou Tenka
13 Launcher Saki Nadare
13 Twin Machineguns Kosai Hyou
13 Bullet Bow Tohisame
13 Rod Omoi Yukiyo
13 Talis Shin Suikazure
13 Wand Kanpa
13 Jet Boots Kirishimo
Ability フレイズ・リデュース Ability Phrase Reduce PP consumption decreases
by 4%.
13 Twin Machineguns Bullet Kunai
13 Talis Lumiholy
13 Twin Daggers Twin Tonfa
Ability フレイズ・ディケイ Ability Phrase Decay Increases damage by 5% against
enemies affected by Jellen.
13 Basilis Series

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