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Mechanics and Behavior

  • The Special Ability Factors (SAFs) are unlocked by grinding a 13 Unit to +10; certain Units have different Special Ability Factors.
  • The Units needs to have the same or higher number of abilities in order for it to be used as a component.
  • While SAFs are a guaranteed 100%, it still follows penalties when upslotting.
  • The SAF can be applied as many times as you can, so long as the +10 Unit is present.
  • When applying SAF into a preaffixed Unit, the SAF doesn't interact with the pre-existing Abilities.
  • SAFs, once placed act as normal Abilities. Thus follow their respective transfer rate.
  • "Sentence" abilities need Ability Sentence Receptor to transfer them. The respective receptor is not needed if "Sentence" is being affixed through SAFs.
  • Certain SAFs can't be placed together. (e.g "Sentence" SAFs).

Stat Boosts

JP Name EN Name Effects Unit Sources
Ability パワーⅤ Ability Power V S-ATK +40 13 Rear Unit Rear/Novel Full
Ability パワーVI Ability Power VI S-ATK +45 13 Rear Unit Rear/Liberate Full
Ability レッサー・パワーⅣ Ability Lesser Power IV S-ATK +30 13 Rear Unit Rear/Raven Mai
13 Rear Unit Rear/Eques Full
13 Rear Unit Rear/Close Parka
13 Rear Unit Rear/Rose Peer
13 Arm Unit Arm/Raven Hill
13 Arm Unit Arm/Eques Shizu
13 Arm Unit Arm/Close El
13 Arm Unit Arm/Rose Pull
13 Leg Unit Leg/Raven Star
13 Leg Unit Leg/Eques Gra
13 Leg Unit Leg/Close Lee
13 Leg Unit Leg/Rose Lee
Ability シュートⅤ Ability Shoot V R-ATK +40 13 Arm Unit Arm/Novel One
Ability シュートⅥ Ability Shoot VI R-ATK +45 13 Arm Unit Arm/Liberate One
Ability レッサー・シュートⅣ Ability Lesser Shoot IV R-ATK+30 13 Rear Unit Rear/Jaeger Bill
13 Rear Unit Rear/Wing Sene
13 Rear Unit Rear/Sharp Riube
13 Rear Unit Rear/Deal Mehr
13 Arm Unit Arm/Jaeger Near
13 Arm Unit Arm/Wing Sheer
13 Arm Unit Arm/Sharp Silhoue
13 Arm Unit Arm/Deal Sees
13 Leg Unit Leg/Jaeger Ray
13 Leg Unit Leg/Wing Val
13 Leg Unit Leg/Sharp Bal
13 Leg Unit Leg/Deal Nie
Ability テクニックⅤ Ability Technique V T-ATK +40 13 Leg Unit Leg/Novel Mass
Ability テクニックⅥ Ability Technique VI T-ATK +45 13 Leg Unit Leg/Liberate Mass
Ability レッサー・テクニックⅣ Ability Lesser Technique IV T-ATK+30 13 Rear Unit Rear/Rest Weisse
13 Rear Unit Rear/Feel Phara
13 Rear Unit Rear/Sensias Air
13 Rear Unit Rear/Fanen Sheer
13 Arm Unit Arm/Lua Weisse
13 Arm Unit Arm/Feel Ane
13 Arm Unit Arm/Sensias Ai
13 Arm Unit Arm/Fanen Via
13 Leg Unit Leg/Ruili Weisse
13 Leg Unit Leg/Feel Niere
13 Leg Unit Leg/Sensias All
13 Leg Unit Leg/Fanen Rio
Ability スタミナⅥ Ability Stamina VI HP +80 13 Leg Unit Leg/Nova Cell
Ability レッサー・スタミナⅣ Ability Lesser Stam. IV HP+55 13 Rear Unit Rear/Ronia Pound
13 Rear Unit Rear/Dista Ran
13 Arm Unit Arm/Ronia Sim
13 Arm Unit Arm/Dista Goa
13 Leg Unit Leg/Ronia Pol
13 Leg Unit Leg/Dista Demi
Ability スピリタⅥ Ability Spirita VI PP +7 13 Leg Unit Leg/Mirage Cell
Ability レッサー・スピリタⅣ Ability Lesser Spirita IV PP+4 13 Rear Unit Rear/Neighbor Voss
13 Rear Unit Rear/Thousand Deri
13 Rear Unit Rear/Magica Kurt
13 Arm Unit Arm/Neighbor Out
13 Arm Unit Arm/Thousand In
13 Arm Unit Arm/Magica Will
13 Leg Unit Leg/Neighbor Riru
13 Leg Unit Leg/Thousand Mel
13 Leg Unit Leg/Magica Mirr

Stat Boosts (Special)

JP Name EN Name Effect Unit Source
Ability ドゥームブレイクⅠ Ability Doom Break I ATK +15
PP +2
13 Rear Unit Rear/Avion Orb
Ability ドゥームブレイクⅠⅠ Ability Doom Break II ATK +25
PP +3
13 Rear Unit Rear/Avion Dusk
Ability センテンス・パワー Ability Sentence Power S-ATK +20
PP +4
13 Rear Unit Rear/Schvelle Kibbs
Ability センテンス・シュート Ability Sentence Shoot R-ATK +20
PP +4
13 Arm Unit Arm/Schvelle Ret
Ability センテンス・テクニック Ability Sentence Tech T-ATK +20
PP +4
13 Leg Unit Leg/Schvelle Serb
Ability ペルソナ・レヴリー Ability Persona Reverie ATK+40
13 Lightstream series
Ability オメガ・レヴリー Ability Omega Reverie S-ATK+15
13 Leg Unit Leg/Atlas Kuvale
Ability アンジュール・グレア Ability Ange Glare S-ATK +30
S-DEF +40
R-DEF +20
T-DEF +20
13 Rear Unit Rear/Equdic Grudge
Ability シバ・グレア Ability Shiva Glare R-ATK+30
13 Rear Unit Rear/Cras Dyne
Ability ミトラ・グレア Ability Mitra Glare S-ATK+30
13 Arm Unit Arm/Cras Noom
Ability ヴァルナ・グレア Ability Varuna Glare S-ATK+30
13 Leg Unit Leg/Cras Ment

Monster Souls

JP Name EN Name Effect Unit Source
Ability ダークネス・ソール Ability Darkness Soul All +15
HP +15
PP +2
13 Austere Series
Ability ファーブラ・ソール Ability Fabula Soul Can be combined with
certain abilities.
+20 HP
13 Rear Unit Rear/Atlas Sumer
Ability イストリア・ソール Ability Historia Soul Can be combined with
certain abilities.
13 Arm Unit Arm/Atlas Shatan