Comprehensive Bouncer Guide 2017

Written by: Ryutensei
Edited by: A Sleepy Knight Rappy
Transcribed by: Nan


You are here because you want to play Bouncer and you’re probably wondering to yourself, one of the following;

  • How can I get the most fun out of this class?“
  • ”Why won’t Katori shut up about this class?”
  • “What even is this class─

Well… that aside. You’ve come to the right place. Let’s begin, shall we?

What is Bouncer?

 And no, Katori, you’re not allowed to answer that. You’ll scare them away.

Through SEGA's 'changes,' the difference of weapon roles in Bouncer's repertoire has changed since Episode 3! Bouncer is a class that boasts usage of S-ATK and T-ATK with access to technics to supplement its low amount of Photon Arts, all of which are scaled from S-ATK. With this in its arsenal, it has the second highest normal attack damage and all of its damage options boast gratuitous hitboxes as both a big strength and weakness.

Skill Tree

Bouncer's skill tree is by far one of the most convoluted creations SEGA has ever wrought on its player base, but here is how to pump your kicks and duel with your dual blades like a pro!

The Essentials

Must haves

JetBootsGearIcon.pngJet Boots Gear- What’s a weapon without its gear? Jet boots gear gives you access to a damage bonus of up to 15% for max gear across your Photon Arts and normal attacks. The most important part of this is that it appeases your most commonly used stance considering you can change your element on the fly by casting a technic of the corresponding element. This is the main way you’ll maintain gear.

DualBladeGearIcon.pngDual Blade Gear- What are Dual Blades without gear?! Wet noodles. Dual Blade Gear gives you access to a damage bonus up to 20% for max gear across your Photon Arts and normal attacks. The most important part is that now your gear can be expended to throw Photon Blades, the most powerful tool Dual Blades have. Photon Blades are projectiles with slight homing that can be thrown only when you have gear even during movement with the Shift Action. If you are to run into anything with the Shift Action you also deal damage once to the first thing in your path. The power notation ramps ridiculously with the corresponding ring.

JetBootsGearBoostIcon.pngJet Boots Gear Boost- The faster you can gain gear the faster you can use it! There’s no reason not to have this handy. The increase in gear accumulation will keep your rotations clean and fast with the right tools.

RareMasteryBouncerIcon.pngRare Mastery Bouncer- This a primary bonus to get as it gives, as of the recent balance patch, gives a 1.1x damage multiplier for free!

OneMoreJumpIcon.pngOne More Jump- As long as there’s a target and you have gear you can jump infinitely. This is great for positioning when dealing with multiple targets during bossing, as if Jet Boots didn’t have enough ways to chase a weak point.

JetBootsEscapeIcon.pngJet Boots Escape- You don’t boss without a little utility to keep yourself alive and among them, invincibility during Photon Arts will make ballsy engages that might put you in harm's way a little easier to perform.

ElementalPPRestorateField.pngElemental PP Restorate Field- While Jet Boots get a lot of damage from their normal attacks you have to worry about management during PA rotations with technics for upkeep. This field gives you an extra 3 pp per hit for hitting with the elemental weakness on top of your natural on-hit recovery.

ShiftaAirAttackBoostIcon.pngDebandAttackPPRestorateIcon.pngShifta Air Attack Boost/Deband PP Restorate - As a Bouncer, as you’d imagine, you spend a fair amount of time attacking in the air and tree accommodates this. While Shifta boost is active you gain an additional 5% damage while you’re in the air. This is critical to your upkeep. Deband Restorate behaves in a similar manner in that for having the Deband buff active you gain up to an extra 3 pp per normal hit stacking with your field skill when active.

RapidBoostIcon.pngRapidBoostJABonusIcon.pngRapid Boost/Rapid JA Bonus - These two are skills a Jet Boot Bouncer can’t simply boss without. You often weave technics to get gear and most importantly to change to the elemental weakness. Rapid Boost reduces charge time of technics and Jet Boot PAs by up to 15% and increases attack speed normal hits by 15% as well. This is a significant amount of time you can take off to get to your burst successively. Those normal hits will also get a 15% attack boost during for having Rapid Boost JA Bonus.

SwitchStrikeIcon.pngSwitch Strike - Normally your damage will be scaled off T-ATK but dealt as striking. This makes Jet Boots damage and PAs scale from your S-ATK. This is important since any combination that gets the most out of Bouncer as a main class scales best with S-ATK. This is a one of the most important parts your tree and vital to have.

PhotonBladeFeverIcon.pngPhotonBladeFeverBoostIcon.pngPhotonBladeEscapeIcon.pngPhoton Blade Fever/Photon Blade Fever Boost/Photon Blade Escape - Here’s where photon blades vital damage source becomes ever more powerful. Photon Blade Fever is an active that doubles the amount of photon blades thrown. The skills fever up increases the damage dealt by these blades by a whopping 30% while Photon Blade Escape adds invincibility time to movement done while throwing photon blades by up to .35 seconds because what’s going to stand still and just let you beat them up?

ElementalStanceIcon.pngElementalStanceBoostIcon.pngElemental Stance/Elemental Stance Boost - This is your main multiplier as a Bouncer. Stances are actives that are permanent once activated. You can only have one stance active at a time from a single class. Elemental Stances gives you 20% damage for hitting with an enemy’s elemental weakness, gaining an additional 10% from the Stance Up passive skill. This is compared to getting half as much without elemental weakness since the non-weak element boost is only 15% total.

BreakStanceIcon.pngBreakStanceBoostIcon.pngBreakSDBonusIcon.pngBreak Stance/Break Stance Boost/Break SD Bonus - This stance gains a damage multiplier based on a really simple concept, does it break? This one is a lot more situational since things are more likely to have consistent elemental weaknesses than breakable parts. Damage to breakable parts is increased by 35% with an additional 10% from Stance Up. The stances no damage up for non-breakable parts without D-Bonus. Break Stance D-Bonus adds a 45% bonus to non-breakable parts for Dual Blades only.


FieldRemainIcon.pngField Remain - The skill is self-explanatory, it allows others to keep the effects of the field skills Elemental PP Restorate and Critical Field for some time after they leave your range. These skills can tighten up some slack on the downtime of those around you since you have to be in melee range of weak points. Other classes that have this damage dealing range won’t complain with free buffs!

ElementalStanceBoostIcon.pngBreakStanceBoostIcon.pngElemental Stance Critical/Break Stance Critical - While critical hits are a damage increase it’s close to about a 3% total damage increase for a 10 point investment. Consider this that this damage increase is inconsistent unless you are at 100% so the worth without a skill that inherently empowers critical damage critical hits only increase your damage variance for a minimum of 10 skill points on Bouncer’s Tree.

Strikingupskillicon.pngTechUp.pngS-ATK Boost{Bouncer#tatkup|T-ATK Boost]] - Increases indicated base stat values by an increasing value maxing at either 50 or 100 total for the more points invested.

StepAdvanceIcon.pngStep Advance - Invincibility window increased by a maximum of .20 of a second during step. Bouncer weapons are teeming with abilities you more commonly invest in to do this.