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Rarity: {{{Rare}}}
Unit Type: {{{Unit}}}
Equip Requirement: {{{Req}}}
Grind Values
Set Bonus(es)
Units for Bonus
Unit Set Bonus
Weapon(s) for Bonus
Weapon Set Bonus
Drop Information


When editing a weapon page, paste the following and fill the template with information:


As an example, say you wanted to add Rear / Fen Ibiel to the wiki. All you would have to do is type http://nanapedia-pso2.shoutwiki.com/wiki/Rear_Fen_Ibiel and then edit the page with the template code above, and fill in the information as necessary.


|Rare=1<span style="color:blue;">★</span>
|Desc="japanese name here" Rear / Fen Ibiel
|Unit=[[:Category:Rear_Units|<span style="color:yellow;">Rear Unit</span>]]
|Req=DEX: 200
|Prop= 30 HP, 3 PP, +3 Mind Resist}}
|Descrip=The Ultimate Unit in a nonexistent game.


Image: Put an image link here such as [[File:DarkFlow.jpg]] Check for mediawiki 
Rare: Set this as a number set to a star. Such as 4★. Make sure to use appropriate colors such as blue for 1 to 3 star weapons, green for 4-6 star weapons, etc.
Unit: The category a unit belongs to such as rear or arm. Currently requires special formatting with the span style tag.
Req: The Stat Requirement to equip the unit. This requires you to type the required stat as shown above in the example.
S-R-T DEF: The stats of a unit.
S-R-T 10: The stats of a unit when grinded to 10.
Prop: The properties of a unit. Such as if it includes affixes such as ability 3 or 30 HP.
Units: Units required to form a set.
UBonus: The bonus granted when wearing a set of matching units.
WEPON: Weapon(s) required to form a set.
WBonus: The bonus granted when wearing a matching set of unit(s) and weapon(s).
Info: Information on where and how to get the weapon. This is arguably the most difficult piece of information to submit due to a lack of structure on how the information is to be displayed.
It's suggested the information be displayed in a certain order, for example:

Info='''[[2012 Beta Campaign]]<br>[[PSO2es Recycle Shop]]<br>[[Pyroxene Shop]]<br>[[Mining Base Defense: Demise]] (XH)<br>[[Rockbear]] (XH)'''

The information is displayed in the order of campaigns, shops, quests, and finally enemies. Item Code Events should be listed as campaigns.

Descrip: The flavor text of the item. This can be left blank if a translation is unavailable.


This template is still undergoing development.

To see an example page showcasing this template you can check the Arm/DemoUnit page.