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(Countdown) - Parses EventName, StartTime and EndTime into a countdown, mostly used on event mentioning pages.

This template works with a JavaScript snippet that can be found either in this wiki's common.js or a gadget. It does NOT use the countdown extension.

Example Usage:

|StartTime=May 15 2020 15:00 +0900
|EndTime=June 4 2020 23:59 +0900

Example Output:

Time Remaining:

  • Each EventName must be unique, or the countdown end message will display for all countdowns once one EndTime is reached.
  • When StartTime has been reached, the countdown will show "Event has started" and provide a link to purge the page (the user can alternatively refresh).
  • If |StartTime is not included in the template call, the template will automatically use Now as a placeholder time, and will skip the Time Until Start portion and go into the Time remaining portion.