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Racing the Phantom Mother

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Racing the Phantom Mother is an Emergency Quest.


Despite her apparent death at the hands of Sir Ardem Sacred, Mother's ESC-A Darker form lives on as a Phantom construct. Using the Moon as her conduit, ESC-A Falz Mother gathers her strength and focuses it upon Earth. ARKS must now launch an assault on Earth's Moon, chase down ESC-A Falz Mother, and put its plans on ice.


Quest Type Emergency Quest
Quest Goal Defeat ESC-A Falz Mother!
Single/Multi Party Multi
Clearing Conditions -
Failing Conditions Time Limit Expires
Quest Time Limit 60:00

Quest Restrictions

  • You must have a Main Class and Sub Class of Lv. 75 or higher to access Extra Hard difficulty.
  • All enemies have Weak Bullet Resistance.


This Quest is divided into two parts: the chase portion and the battle.

Part 1

The player boards the Rideroid and chases ESC-A Falz Mother across the Moon.

  • The party has 6 minutes to defeat ESC-A Falz Mother. Failing this portion will transition to Part 2 as normal, but your Rank will cap at a B.
  • You have a preset amount of HP that scales based on difficulty, as well as 100 PP.
  • Running into obstacles depletes your HP. If your HP runs out, you must wait a 5-second period to respawn.
  • If you are incapacitated five or more times during this part, your Rank will decrease.
  • During this portion, ESC-A Falz Mother is protected the four Arm Cores surrounding her. She takes otherwise negligible damage when attacked. Players must destroy the Arm Cores to stun her.
  • While Mother is stunned, her movement speed slows dramatically and her chest core is exposed.
  • Inflicting enough damage will cause ESC-A Falz Mother to reel back and start Part 2.

Part 2

ESC-A Falz Mother takes the fight to the speartip of the Moon. The player, giving chase, dismounts the Rideroid and prepares for battle.

Drop Table